Hear Another Nicely Done Song (HANDS)™


Probably I will try and fail to get to the point without too many words. Most of the words are not here at the start anyway, and that is unavoidable too, so maybe the rest of this is extra, and this part had all the meaning. Or we could finally get started… or perhaps continue!

Concisely: She is brilliant! — in more ways than music could ever show, but in this world how much we shine (or outshine others) must carefully moderated, since not everyone has strong, robust, and multiple gifts/abilities/talents, and those who have got at least one dozen or more Excellent Skills, Knacks, Ideas, Methods, Or Special Powers (ESKIMO SP)™ cannot hope to utilize most of them: each person can live only one life in some sort of “excellent” way because trying to be “tops” at two things would mean that neither of them gets full attention.

No matter how many explanations and arguments are presented to support the validity as such questionable concept as “multi-tasking” not to mention it’s big, dumb brother: Women are much better at multi-tasking than men. Problems with these ideas is simply that they exaggerate and misrepresent the true (possibly, since again we may have thought about this all wrong) situation that seems to exist, and easily derives from the “situational” aspect of life. The fact is that more women can “multi-think” and “multi-feel” than men can or will do, and those people (mostly men) who have single-channel thinking processes cannot and/or will not change their ways.

When you are one of the multi-thinkers, you can always “spot” another one. Same goes for “multi-feelers” and any other sort of multiple sentient beings that have only one body for all that awareness to live inside. The more “dense” souls are in a type of darkness they do not “see” and are unwilling to acknowledge, much less face and do away with by “revealing” it to itself. Worse than this split amongs the thinkers is the fact that those whose “minds are nearly asleep” would prefer to wear down the enemy (thinking/feeling/considering) by insisting it should not be there and waiting for it to go away. It never seems to work. Almost like insanity, from the analysis.

The only concise and unwordy part was just that first phrase: She is brilliant!!! (It needed to be mentioned again, even if nobody else thought so) And I like to feel like I’d get a chance to play in her band, and if everything could be arranged, it would sound better and better each time we gave that major concert in the big park. For comparison the original live performance of teacher and student (to whom I invited myself in joining for this unagreed collaboration) is in the second half of this player, which loops, for the dizziness, and Uncle Walt, that well-known fantasy mogul who really has not lived it up much, for many years now and it seems like he’s still around somehow.
First this was tested on another less-known blog, to see that
it worked, so failures at this point would really surprise us
and yet we have seen it before: Just when I think I’ve got it
It’s gone, When I think I know the answer and I dare to raise
my hand, it’s gone. (I miss my hand. Give it back, JEN!!) 😉
=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+ ha ha ha ha +=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=
The guitarist (probably getting senile) jumped the gun at the
start on the first try, and barely got it right on the second
run. We are leaving it this way to protect the guilty!!†(me)†

Perhaps if the need or desire is seen then I would completely do the guitar part again, and leave the original piano and flute intact. The ending (my part) needed just a small amount of “flattening” done on it to harmonize properly. But since I do not need any physical capacity to keep the guitar more-or-less on pitch, I have to force the thing to go flat by pushing forward on the neck to loosen the strings. At this task I failed, miserably, in my opinion.

Good thing that was not my goal: to perfectly match the bending down on that last note. You can do that on the flute, even by accident, just by letting up on the air pressure (or running out of breath when you did not want to) and the effect is exactly the same. In fact, learning how to bend the note up or down is VERY DIFFICULT on things like flutes and trumpets, but it is really quite easy on the guitar. And you NEVER bend the notes on the piano, unless you are the Governator or something, because those instruments (the 88 key kind) are HUGE and RIGID and HEAVY and almost like some kind of gigantic stone you have to push uphill for the rest of your life. Ain’t life Grand, like maybe only a Baby Grand, but Grand nevertheless (and none the richer for it)!


That reminds me of a long-lost piano playing friend of mine named Lisa. She made my heart sail on the clouds of dreams that neither of us could take the time to consider seriously. She was my teacher and student too, just like the one in this song. I forgot to mention, that the ages of the musicians in that piece, who have never been all three together at once, are very close to 99 and then some, with the easy breakdown and name for the fictious group: 56+30+13 by the numbers of course since names are just some certain sounds anyhow and so are these. You can call me Mr. Six, in this case, and she is Mrs. Thirty and the kid is Miss Teen. Of course, I do not know if the kid is a girl, in which case my bias is showing. It could be a boy, and we do not refer to the young lads as Miss, at least not yet. Maybe that’s next?

Now I really wonder just what the HELL happened to my dear, loving friend. Did she hook up with the wrong sort of folks, and I was not paying attention? If that’s what happened, now I really do need to take a break from all this fun, and figure out just how much to hate myself.

What kind of lousy friend am I, anyway? Letting my friend get hurt, while I looked the other way? If I did not know me better, I would think I hated her.


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Nearly over some hills, still a fool on whatever this thing is where I stand
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16 Responses to Hear Another Nicely Done Song (HANDS)™

  1. tearsofmine says:

    did you get your corn on the cobb?

    how was it?

    did you get to visit with J?

  2. Galen says:

    I’ve got four ears (people laugh to see me coming) but they’re still sitting out in the truck, lying on the passenger seat (don’t trust any lying ears very much), waiting for someone to pay attention to them ears there, in the silence of the cab. it looks yummy because it is “bicolor” corn, and i like it better and best that way! 🙂

    J had some other things to do first so he’ll be busy until later than what we thought before when he said four and now it might be eight since we already skipped right on past six, like the guitar strings i was just counting (make sure i did not break anything important)

    sounds like we are trying to double up something, doesn’t it? I hope it is not some kind of fist fest coming toward my face, which will fall, if it does, and it’s still summer, but you could not prove it by the weather we’re having! you’re having the summer we have not gotten around to yet… we are kinda slow out here, even with that doubling

    Man (woman), I sure hate math sometimes, don’t you? 🙂

  3. Amy says:

    Hi. 🙂 *waves*

    I liked that song.

    I’m tired.

    It’s cold in the office.

    This is the day of simple sentence comments.

    It’s sunny outside, and warm.

    I’d rather be outside than in here where the air conditioning is making things quite chilly.

    (That sentence was a mite too long.)

    I better get back to work.

    Right after I check up on tearsofmine’s page.

    Bye. 🙂 *waves*

  4. tearsofmine says:

    *waves* i like bicolored corn too. it seems to be a little sweeter than just yellow. ya know?…well last night turned into longgg night at the E.R….i’ll explain to ya laters. everything’s ok now…

  5. Amy says:

    Something’s wrong with diaryland. I can’t get the home page or any diaries. 😦 I wanted to make an entry soon, too…Hopefully it will be better before then.

  6. tearsofmine says:

    I think you fell asleep when I was on the phone with you. S’ok. It happens. TTYL.

  7. Amy says:

    You’re making yourself scarce today.

  8. Galen says:

    OH!! That explains it!!! Now the fog has actually cleared again.
    I think you fell asleep when I was on the phone with you. S’ok. It happens. TTYL.”

    You are SOOOOO right, and as I write this it is true that I had not quite added it all up yet. Seems that I was still trying to get J to answer his phone, and also Dad was wondering IF rather than WHEN the coffee would be fresh again, and whether I would stop being so much the wrong kind of FRESH! (that was once considered the bad way to be, as opposed to spoiled. go figure. or go get confused.) I hate to admit it but I was thinkin’ maybe I’d had a nightmare about what you said happened to K’s face at the pool. Not a pretty thought, and not really a dream. You seem more like the kind of dream people should be having, instead of the reality of ER. But life is not always beautiful, to the beautiful. (Hi, “Beautiful!” I am such a name-caller!) 😛

    I hope they fix diaryland (obviously I have not looked yet to see about that fact of life) since I always look at this one particular blog/journal there (at dear diaryland) if I do anything while online. Of course, I am still typing out this nonsense, so I better just say HI to AMY and my young friend the MOTHER and things like that!

    (Hi, Ladies!!!)
    ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥
    Hope things are getting more-or-less better for ya!

  9. Amy says:

    LOL. Diaryland got better, then messed up again, then got better again. Stupid thing.

    Thanks for the compliment, I love it when I make model paragraphs. 😉 You’re right, I don’t feel comfortable telling them to stop, yet I don’t feel comfortable watching it, either. Something’s wrong with that, methinks. Oh, well. Guess I’ll have to learn how to ignore it or something, because I’m certainly not bold enough to go around breaking people up. 😉

    You actually feel alseep on the phone, huh? That’s hilarious. 😀

  10. Galen says:

    Apparently even Diaryland can have start-up problems repeatedly, but they ain’t no spring chickens. You afraid of springs? I am not chicken regarding springs, so no spring chicken for me, wordily!

    My dad just heard me admit falling asleep in the morning on the phone with L and he was not amused. I think he has no sense of humor, again today, and if he thinks that is my fault, well, more power to me? Totally weird is how funny it ends up being when you talk to me. Ask L, she’ll agree. If I do not interrupt or fall asleep, you’ll like talking to me, too. Dad thinks he likes talking to me, as long as he does all the talking. In his case, that is not just an expression. I only say it to make him feel bad. It’s not like he’s selfish, and being raised by three doting sisters had no effect on him.

    It made him the baby king, and he’s reliving it now. I am not any kind of match for three women, and he should know it. But he has a harder time admitting it than I do. I am not his sisters.

    😀 ♥ ♥ ♥

  11. tearsofmine says:

    No it was not a nightmare. but yes it felt like one.

    and i am so tired. and i have to make dinner tonight. and i want to go jogging, and then crashhhh.

    hmm seems i had something else to say buttt i’ve forgotten.


  12. Galen says:

    Oh, you will remember it and some other things too, any minute now. I might even still be here instead of over at the other place trying not to say the wrong thing while trying not to be completely silent and submissive. Puzzle solving is what gets presented and needs thinking applied to it or blindness wrapped around it, when it comes to facing some things. No way around that one. My thinker keeps on doing the right-or-wrong thing, just like anyone’s does! 😉
    ♥ ♥♥ ♥ ♥
    ♥ ♥
    (suggestive of a rhythm pattern, or “shave an’ a haircut — six bits!””)

  13. Galen says:

    Often heard at random as the fill-in-the-blank answer, from my daughter (the one with the mind and mouth she got from somewhere), the explanation for it all, almost like the origin of the cosmos, but not really of course:

    (another match?)

  14. Amy says:

    I am amazed that you, a man, gave such an insightful, smart comment about boys/men. 😉

    *looks innocent&

  15. Galen says:

    To inspire from far away?
    It seems that I’m one to betray?

    I heard ya! 😉

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