There Is No Sane Woman Alive Gladly (TINSWAG)™


Anagram title: 29-stirred:
there is no sane woman alive gladly
alleviated analysing horsewomen

Irony is inspirational, when we call them stars and now after we have lifted them up in admiration and celebration, so many of them would seem to be falling all around us. They have names we recognize, yet their lives seem to be turning to bitterness, as though they and we had all been drinking from some well of poisoned water-thoughts and now we cannot stop drinking and poisoning the well of diminishing happy lives.

Ironic, indeed. They gain some kind of recognition (good or bad) from their reforming efforts, rehabilitation diversion plans, and fulfillment of the legal end of things. And if we do not mind our manners, we will see that legal end of things sooner, and not later.

Preferably, when it comes to “the end of things”, even though it is legal, it shall not be upon us soon yet it “feels” increasingly iminent, and not be for many decades, when these newer years keep turning into fewer and fewer seconds, just like right now. Tiny, shrinking years, each with more disappointment packed into what seems like a shorter amount of time. How can this much concentration not result in some sort of overload, or critical-mass chain reaction, and one veritable (non-vegetable) avalanche of pessimism unlike any disaster or crash known (or even unknown) ever before in the history of mankind, womankind, and everythingelsekind.! (? that was actually phrased as a question, so “mark it so” Picard-slaves)

By trying too hard to protect ourselves and promote “strong leadership” we may have unwittingly bred our own destruction: the leader above reproach.
=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+ More Crying Ahead +=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=
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=+=+=+=+=+=+= I took a hint that was not there +=+=+=+=+=+=+=
Never shall I lead. A child shall lead them, and I may, if empowered, speak up for that child. The child must tell me with the hidden message mechanism, and then I hear, I do, I listen for more.

Mostly only imaginary winners and not-actually losers keep score.


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3 Responses to There Is No Sane Woman Alive Gladly (TINSWAG)™

  1. tearsofmine says:

    *waves* hi. hope you are having a good weekend. the print here is so tiny as i type this…whoa…i guess i’m gettin old.

  2. Galen says:

    Yeah, I don’t like this tinyfont much, but it’s how this layout is designed. Good small things come in hard-to-reach packages? No, that’s mixed up. No use WASTING a big bunch of time on solving all problems we find in this TINSWAG overall, since I’ve got it more or less all messed up good anyway! 🙂 I am having a good time so far letting you get old so you can be more like me. This way I have of letting time go by is rather brilliant, isn’t it? Oh, did you sing along with that one guitar track yet, or shall we just let it be? I really want you to let it be, and also change it. I haven’t heard it, the part where you’re singing and I’m playing, if you did do that. It still just sounds like me on the guitar. I can dream, and I am good at it! (you have a lovely voice I am waiting to hear singing) 🙂

    Meanwhile, I’ll think of other things to do besides wait! 😉

  3. Galen says:

    If I point out that I never even thought about trying this simpler layout (it seems rather unfancy, does it not?) and that it seems like an oversight, and nearly a mistake that I never tried this simple layout, should I feel shame now, after taking THIS LONG to try the simple Toni layout? It is not fancy at all, but it does most everything I want. Why do I keep changing, if this one (that took me AGES to try for the first time just last night or this morning) is perfect?

    Stupid man! (me)

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