Crude Analysis: Two Groups (CAT-G)™


Connector technology is interesting. A rather deep subject, it concerns with many compatability issues, not the least of which is the proper fitting of two main types of connectors: male and female. The main distinction between the two mutually exclusive groupings is mostly visibile, although topology can make it somewhat tricky to figure out if the connector is a protruding one or if it is a recessed one. It is curiously possible to put the protrubing piece inside of another recessed structure so that it appears not to be of the male type. In fact, this is really the safest arrangement, since the protruding piece is partially shielded by the high wall around it. Like having lost your pen inside of some large conduit, the male connector can be housed inside of an otherwise-female housing. Almost as if it wants to “hide” what it is, the typical male cannon plug has its pins hidden. Usually these do not have a single pin, since they are used for more than just simple signals. The situation looks roughly like this, yet rather smooth from what I can see:

Jack and Plug, not Jack and Jill!
XLR connectors! Cannons!

Female cannon plugs (actually they are properly called in-line jacks and not plugs) are shaped like the one on the left, with the male on the right (this one has three (3) “nails” or “pins” or “electrical contacts” in it, so with the shell/shield conductor, there are really 4 conductors. These go on the cables’ ends (signal wire harness) to make connecting and disconnecting more efficacious (easier, even). In a way, they are only necessary because the interconnetions are not meant to be permanent. If they were, then the disconnecting would not be needed. Thus, some connections are permantent, and they get solder. Others are not, and they get jack and plug. Otherwise, it is just so much wire, with no purpose.

However odd it may seem, these cannon plugs and jacks are not so obvious as to the “sex” or “gender” or “connection orientation” or “proper mating partner” — it almost appears that any two connectors can mate, but it is not possible to attach two females together, at least not with an electrical connection, and even the physical bond will require something, such as duct tape, to hold two females together. One male and one female are designed to work together, and the other combinations are permissible, but not beneficial. This is an exact match for spiritual wisdom given to us by a real man out of his real mouth, and he was not trying to get laid.

But we laid him down in a cave, and depending on your “way of looking at it” he either got up and walked away from that problem (like men often do) or he actually came back to life (which is the fact I keep obsessing over) and listens to everything I say (not like you) and cares about what happens to me (not like you) and has a plan that includes me (not like you).

So, it seems I believe in a real person who is not like you. But I try to be like Him, anyway.

Obviously, I do not pay much attention to “who” I am, nor do I care, “all of a sudden” as everyone seems to think. I have not suddenly “gone bad” and I am not “having a bad day” and I am not having “trouble relating”. I am not giving up, either. But, I am probably goin to go make coffee for my atheist father again, and I know it is not a sin to tell him what I see him turning all the way into, finally, now that Mom is not here to stop him from “being himself” and not having anyone “be so mean to him and hurt him with so many words” that he cannot understand. He may or may not learn one day that knowledge is not something to despise just because someone else has more of it. But he is sure he is fine the way he has always been, and that Mom was happy as a little clam being with him. Actually, when we start to talk about him, he often remembers that she actually was not happy, and had lots of trouble putting up with him. And he was sure it was not anything he was doing. That was just it. When you do nothing, then you have no reason to think you’ve done anything wrong, because nothing is nothing, and God may as well expect nothing, if nothing is all you know or care about.

Just like God will enjoy having all the preachers explain Him to Him, once they are done serving Him by explaining Him to everyone else, and making a living off of that at the same time, just like He said you should not do, if you were actually going to follow Him, since he was, himself, not a money-maker, but a money-finder. Pulling coins out of the belly of a fish is not exactly the type of job someone can train for, but He could tell a guy which fish had the coin in it.

That’s what I want to do. Find which fish, out of all these fish, has the gold coin inside.
Cracks me up, sometimes, when randomly an old song comes to mind and I think I see it in somewhat amusing light today (salt) as if Phil Ochs had just written this yesterday or something. Save for the expression “the colored and the poor” we might think it could be turned into hip-hop or something. It is so odd. The subject matter, like many busta-rhymed raps, this is musical sarcasm, or I have not clue as to how to tune anything anywhere near to ringing. This is some kind of “ringer”, I would say, but I do not actually actively relate to any of it now, and only some of it, “back in the day” which, as I’ve said, seems like Yesterday, which I shall soon play when I also Let It Be the way she would want it and I only think I Can Only Imagine I know what that will (would, did) be like. (who ever says “did be like” without a giggle?)

I try. Sometimes enough, sometimes too much, usually not the right amount, and sadly, less.

How high is “up” now?

My theory on the size of friendly circles is that you would really be taxing your attention to some sort of limit if you tried to “really love unconditionally” more than twelve others at once. Not even The Man himself ever tried to convince me otherwise.
Today’s Anagram (TA)™: (colon)

Crude Analysis: Two Groups (CAT-G)

Soggy Judaic Wags Counterparts Skullcaps
(40 chars, 5 words, octet?)


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10 Responses to Crude Analysis: Two Groups (CAT-G)™

  1. Amy says:

    Hey, that’s my Fort Sumter pic! *smiles in recognition*

    I get to be the first to comment, nanny-nanny-boo-boo! *looks angelic*

    Now, on to what I had planned to say, which is actually quite shorter than what I’ve said up to this point:

    That’s quite a song. I like the music…that there’s dancing music! 😀 Me likes dancing music. ♥

  2. Galen says:

    Anyone asking me to pick out someone to notice that the topmost thing on here (right now anyhow) came from my friend, would be my friend. My daddy still does not like me explaining the concept of Amy as compared to Amie, or how I do not speak in tongues (such as French) but I can interpret some of the words and the phrases and the nuances and things like that (he says to stop using the fancy words when I try to use that word, nuance, on him to make him feel stupid) and thus, you are part of that picture. You are part of “the dance” as well!!!
    ♥ ♥ ♥

    In other words, someone who said, “Galen, whom should we have comment first?” and I’d have said, that’s one of my “Amy pictures” so duh! And they’d be my friend for asking, about you (my friend)!!!

    In “theory” then, this is what happened! ♥ ♥ ♥ † † †
    In just slightly more than one heartbeat…

  3. Amy says:

    Man, all that happened perty fast!

    Nuance, that’s a good word. 🙂

  4. Galen says:

    yeah, i like it (and you) 🙂

  5. Amy says:

    Hm…. I sense some buttering-up going on around here.

    *looks around suspiciously*


    OK…What do you want?

  6. Galen says:

    Not “what” but how.
    Constantly is the answer.
    Or, every now and then,
    Like this is, simple.
    Words. Only words.
    I’ll get the idea
    From them, won’t I?
    You think I know
    What I want? Nope!

  7. Amy says:

    All right, all right…

    “You’ve buttered your bread, now lie in it!!”

  8. Galen says:

    You always have that slick way of making me realize how I’ve forgotten to follow through again but at least we know I could wrap it all up that way, maybe (my bread supply is somewhat on the low side at the moment, stretched out if it will). Loafing is what I do best, and you sliced right through that ploy for me. I feel flattered and flattend all at once, or twice (two-slice or even three, unless I have to go open face again). I should go hunt for some “Bread” songs, now, as “If”!!!

  9. Amy says:

    It’s open-faced for you…I want to be able to read you, you know, like a book.

    *evil grin*

  10. Amy says:

    I’m going to bed now.

    Sweet dreams, open-faced man!

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