Scientifically Inadvisable Now (SIN)™


No it is not. It is not what it is. It is other than itself. It is sensible nonsense.

Well enough of that noninformative babble. Let us get on with the show, and make our point known, prefering it to be well-known, not unknown, or relatively so. We need to make it relative to being relevant, if at all remotely possible. Do not lose that remote possiblity if it is the prize element. Gotta have the prize. Just gotta.

Most of the puzzle pieces are out in the open now. The keys have fallen from the sky (like in the TV spot for the car sellers) and now we just pick them up and open the doors of knowledge. Oh why did we want to prove that male-female sexual interaction is actually unhealthy? Did we want to prove that the gender split is now complete, and irreversible? May as well. It is true. Men make women sick, and it can kill them (either one) if they stay together too long.

I am totally convinced now. Nobody needs anyone else. That part is completely illusory.

Makes me ill just to realize it now. Lots of mistakes would have been avoided, had I known.

Stupid me. Stupid parenting. Stupid creation process, and thinking it is not what it is.

Obvisouly like ipso facto or QED. No point in talking about it, ever again.

Anagram: sin-is-not-sin == Insist Son In

That’s that! (And, ‘taint much!)


About Galen

Nearly over some hills, still a fool on whatever this thing is where I stand
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