Bible Is Satanically Owned Now (BISON)™


You cannot rollerskate (wisely) in any bufflo herds, due to risk of accidental damage caused by disturbance incurred traversing any buffalo turds. Herds and turds symbollically (Hats) off to everyone! We are equally rained on by the reign of one terrific creator if He/She/IT is up/down/around there/here/everywhere.

Here, there, and everywhere. Satan has dominion in this world. In this life, we see the influence anywhere we look. Or, if we see that which is harder to find, we seek God. The Bible (Holy Word of God it is not exactly but nothing is closer to being just exactly that and therefore being God completely, in fact everything is further from it) is also the dominion of Satan if we argue excessively to the point of bitterness. That is the poisoned water, the bitter taste of the star named Wormwood. We should not still be discussing exactly what the correct interpretation of the Bible is (yet we do) and we should not still be using “Biblical perfection” as the true mark of being acceptable. Not exactly is this merely my opinion, but I want to call it “only” my opinion, and give anyone the chance to dismiss me.

If it turned out that I actually came to help you (whomever you may be, or were, or are never going to be, like my “friend” as we use the term loosely) in His name, and I was turned away by anyone or anything, then it seems we did not err, but someone else will have to be forgiven for taking away our birthrights. I figure that we were all given permission at birth to try being friends.

Not my fault there are some bad guys out there living here in this world of ours, and more and more of the bad guys are gals out to prove what a big “woman” they are, better than any man could be anyway. Not my fault I would “take their places” by being NOT the bad guy at all, but getting in their way and becoming an obstacle. Of course, I became your obstacle, so now I am removed. Like some distant cousin, certainly not within incesstuous striking range, maybe we could say I’d be something like the fourth cousin, twice removed. That’s what you’d likely call distant and not close, and thus not really a close friend, but certainly no enemy! Yes, that is the bottom line. I am: Not Your Enemy (NYE)™ which of course refers to Bill, the Science Guy. Everyone knows how much I love science! My ♥ is all about that (except when I play music unscientifically)!!!

Wiki on our Bill, WooB!

So we see I am jealous of Bill, still, and always will (BEE?) the way I am, meant to be, keeping on!

Not to change the subject back, but Nye does not even remotely refer to one of my favorites from long ago and up until a couple of years ago, so it does NOT (I repeat not) refer at all to Louis Nye, the funny guy, who was not even named Nye at all!!! It was Neistat, of all things. But I digress aimlessly again…

Joe Sherlock's Blog
Scott Stander handled

Bee keeping is another subject I may yet not really write about. Or I will do the opposite of whatever I just said in such a confused manner. Well, at least I have some form of manners, even if they miss the mark, and if they are actually bad ones. They are ones. Many ones. Many miniscule ones, maybe. Oh well, put them into the well. Do not put poison in there, just put the manners away for now. The bad ones, anyhow! But, how?

What, if any, are Bad Bible Manners, if not Bad BM, or is BBM better? Let us call the Better Business Bureau for another top-drawer answer, shall we (not)?


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Nearly over some hills, still a fool on whatever this thing is where I stand
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6 Responses to Bible Is Satanically Owned Now (BISON)™

  1. Amy says:

    How on earth do you ramble on about things for so long? You just jump from one subject to another, and all it is is one big ramble. I say you’re quite talented to be able to do that.

    Now I’ve got to get back to work.

  2. Galen says:

    Mostly extra words, Mew? Here the kitty is king.

    In lieu of the real King I shall pretend to shorten all of these imaginary sentences now, as if magic could do something for itself, which is Patently Ridculous (PR)™ and I should sue myself first for the notion of such emotion. Ready now? You know you want this, you know you do.

    Pardon everyone, me?
    You’ll get out of jail this way, for totally free!

    #1 You… turds.
    #2 Herds… everyone!
    #3 We everywhere.

    #4 Here… everywhere.
    #5 Satan… look.
    #6 Or,… God.
    #7 The… bitterness.
    #8 That is… me.

    #9 If… birthrights.
    #10 I figure… friends.

    #11 Not… anyway.
    #12 Not… obstacle.
    #13 Of course… removed.
    #14 Like… twice removed.
    #15 That’s… enemy!
    #16 Yes… Guy.
    #17 Everyone… (… unscientifically).

    #18 So we… keeping on!
    #19 Not to change… at all!!!
    #20 It was… things.
    #21 But… again…

    #22 Bee… manner.
    #23 Well,… bad ones.
    #24 They…
    #25 Many…
    #26 Many… maybe
    #27 Oh… well.
    #28 Do… now.
    #29 The bad… anyhow.
    #30 B… …w?

    #31 What,… better?
    #32 Let us,… (not)?

    So this is the shorter version. Perhaps you can think up some meaning to it this way. I still have no idea where all the words are supposed to fit. But if it is news, then print it somewhere, that’s what I say!

    I like the way you write, by the way. Did I ever mention that thing where I wish to do unto you that which you seem to do to me (aka “inspire”) with that idea you have about how shy you are in real life (as if this were not real enough somehow)? Where I say, “Amy, I love the way you use your words. Gimme more?” or something?

    I cannot remember if I’ve remembered to compliment you lately on your words of writing and how I greatly appreciate it (them). Seems like I’ve known you practically forever now already, and I always think about how I hope I’ll hear a little something from you someday! 🙂

    Those were 32 sentences, with no teeth in them now. Seems like some kind of code, with lettuce in the end. Green? Tied up somehow? Funny stuff or not? They tell you to write an essay of 500 words. That could not be all that much, with this sort of outline. Stretch Armstrong, Yes? (SAY)™ bendy bendy…

    I must stop and listen to Betty singing on Mr. Rogers now. I love that girl/woman/lady whom I do not know! Also I love Fred too as well in addition to her and others!!!

  3. Amy says:

    I loved Mr. Rogers. He was so cool.

    And thanks for the compliment; I usually say what I’m feeling without any ambiguity (sp? & did I use that right? LOL). In other words, I’m an open book. Just read, and you’ll find out the secrets of my life. Maybe that’s good, maybe that’s bad.

    ♫ Maybe it was them,
    Or maybe it was me,
    Or maybe it’s Maybaline! ♫
    (song by Relient K)

    Better get back to work now…

  4. Galen says:

    What (if anything) could-or-would be more happily accessible and/or reliable than a song about make-up? Or, randomly, what could look better! 😉 I close my eyes, but only for a moment, then the moment is gone. Maybe it is my mascara? Wind in the dust… I will never get into boy bands, thank God! Or something…

  5. Amy says:

    Relient K’s songs are almost always goofy. At least they were…now they’re starting to get more serious…and I don’t like them as much. 😦

  6. Galen says:

    If somebody conned you into thinking adulthood was “fun” then it was nice while it lasted, wasn’t it? It will be a different kind of fun, like a low, slow burn. Not so big-exciting, like it seemed when we were really wee folk! 🙂 I should go find “I Love Onions” which was definitely a fun song by someone named Susan. Right now I do not know Susan. Who is she, to you? Anybody, or better yet, any buddy? 😉 Like you are, to me, that is, it will be, and has been, and was. Et cetera. You et, yet today, at least once-or-twice I assume… (?) I had some kind of sandwich just a short while ago! MMMMmmmm……………????? it was my type of “sam-itch” by golly! I have been greatly refreshed. Finely so!

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