Slapping Any Godmen (SAG)™


That was another funny thing that happened (possibly only to me) on the way to the forums, when I was discussing names and being careful with them, since I was embarking on my name-rearranging game of possible purposefulness or it could be entertainment only, unless it just gets ignored, in which case it is insignificant (high probability here) or if it offends, it will be known as “controversial” since it causes debate, argument, or even discord (my favorite, if it needs to happen and nobody else had guts or balls or nerve or sand enough to speak up). If we had two dice and six possibilities on each one it’d be a crap shoot. In some ways, it is like that, since it consists of shooting a lot of crap back and forth unless someone stops thinking they are above criticism.

Is anyone above criticism? If so, then they need more of it, not less of it.

See if you can possibly figure out how I know this is true. If not, sorry, You are lost.

So along with criticizing anyone younger than me, myself, and I, it seems I have assumed to myself some inalienable rights, among which is free thinking and free speaking, which I support for anyone else as well. Thus, I can “talk back” or “throw crap” all I want, and it is what I am supposed to do. If I am wrong, you are supposed to get me to quit.

Simple, isn’t it? Well, I think it is. So it was okay to tell that couple with the last name of Peacock that they had been stupid to name their son Drew. They would also want to avoid Andrew, since that often gets “shortened” to Drew anyway. Laughs always seem to come out of “nowhere” and the mouths of people as well, when someone says DrewPeacock without any space between the names. We tend to run words together, so it sounded like Droopy Cock, and giggles just seemed to fall like rain. Ha. Ha ha. Ha ha ha. Ha ha ha ha. (you finish it)

Thus, the tie-in to the title on this piece is that I seem to “get off on giving people a bad time” as I go around slapping all the more popular “Godmen” when I can find them, since they should (if they have been reading their holy book for understanding) always be ready, willing, and certainly able to turn the other cheek (these are only virtual cheeks, so there are more then two per person, in theory) and I could even do it again if I wanted to check the cheek turning properly. With few exceptions, they do not even allow one exalted cheek to be assaulted, but instead voice major objections in no uncertain terms for my sinfulness as they have deemed it, my offense or offence (depends on the country-code). Like I needed them to tell me that I’ve been harsh, or even mean, and have “hurt their pride” somehow? I knew that. It was the point, you dolt. Now figure out WHY it was wrong, if it was.

Otherwise, admit you’re a twit and let me correct you anytime I want, which might be never again. You see, I do not plan to tolerate YOU and I do not have to if you are incorrect. Again, figure out WHY and then tell me I am wrong. You might need to figure I’ve done some work ahead of time on this, if I am older by very much and have not been in a coma or something.

Seems to me like I have not. But, I makes mistakes ALL the time, even when I’m doing the right thing. I’m a klutz, and that will not change while in this portion of my existence. I have to use this real, imperfect flesh to “make do” with, the best I can if I know what that is.

Same for everyone. Fair is fair. The local county fair starts tomorrow, just about a mile from here. Everything is close, even at a distance, when the heart and mind can reach it. Peace.


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Nearly over some hills, still a fool on whatever this thing is where I stand
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