Body Art Mud (BAM)™


If you get hit by some bee flying fast into your face to serve as the windscreen or windshield (variation according to the customs of the particular model/make of auto manufacurer and location of roadway as to which type of glass barrier gets hit by ‘da bug — you may be driving on the wrong or right or left side of the road without being on the roadside most of that time, if you drive well and not into the well of crashiness) and it makes that unmistakable sound (does that need an “e”?) which is not in that unfamous Forest Of One Tree Falling (FOOT-F)™ — surely we must believe in how this uninhabited forest of one tree falling is deafly unheard by far too many ears, especially those having people-kind of ears — which is like BAM and then we have (drum please roll) one unavoided BAM-BEE!!! (does it surprise you if I might have found anyone using that for the trade-name of any commercial venture, in which case I should type BAM-BEE™ but that would not be my trademark at all, so I better not type anything like that (again, if I just did, or ever) and take it safe, or play it the easy way, or mix my words already up.

This is BAMBEE, which is almost the same, or not even close, you decide:

Angela Liu

She (in this picture) *never*went by the name Angela, also and too, not two, like my mother’s aunt (Grandma Murhpy’s sister, we called her Aunt Angie). I found this at random by the random selection process of evolution which never happened or does or will, by searching, guided by the unseen hand, of someone who is or was named Angela Liu. She (here, and also Angela elsewhere, where I found this) looks like a lovely young woman. If I knew her “for real” I would have not a different opinion, but a more honest one. That (to me) has some exciting qualities. But it is completely “out of the question” so the thought will vanish soon.

Look around and you are not a young girl!

One is never enough. One is the loneliest number I ever did start and keep on keeping on, keeping right on going onward, toward forever as the downtrodden soloist harmonizer. Amen. or, Ptui-Cghv! (cryptic version covered)

That is what I do. Perhaps I could say or should have that THIS is what I do, since I am doing it, and might just keep going, if this is actually going. Maybe I only think I am writing, and it is not really happening with my help. The words exist, and I either mix them up or down, or around, and it is possible that ideas are formed in the minds of others when they read them. From those ideas they may get feelings. Sometimes words have two meanings. Very few words have only one meaning. Those would be simple words that have only one meaning.

How many meanings does “one” have? Don’t count too far, if you find even two meanings for the word “one” because if you do, you will have found one of the words that has two meanings, or even more meanings than two. The meanings will (themselves) be described using words anyway, and those words might have more than one meaning, and unless the meaning is just an equivalent word (synonym, in other word(s)) then the meaning of the word in question will have two words or more. Notice how sometimes words have two-word meanings, and that is almost like the original statement of how sometimes words have two meanings. Thus, it is often (almost always) true. Words are tricky little buggers, ain’t they?

Often we catch a cold in our nose through something that gets in our eye(s) and we forgot about that time when the eye-itched for a few minutes. Later we sneeze and do not remember the thing about the eye. If we remember it, we may have detected something called the “pathogen” or the way the thing got in there and what did it, like a virus. Viruses are trickly little buggers, ain’t they. Maybe I should use something other than Words Or Viruses Ever (WOVE)™, from now on. We could get tangled in some web of viruses if we do not out-watch the ones that do not want us to watch out for what they are trying to do, unseen. Seems we’ve heard some old saw telling us to outfox the fox. Sounds really totally foxed up in the aspects, to me, how ’bout you? Possibly I have put way too much doubt into these words. If so, I goofed. Why do I forget not to goof? Why. Why! (that’s why if I put it into that moe-bettah’ positive toner cartridge sluggers)

I got drizzle on my shizzle. Oh fizzle…


About Galen

Nearly over some hills, still a fool on whatever this thing is where I stand
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