God Of The Churches Has Amnesia (GOTCHA)™


10:22 8/5/2007

One thing you might consider “hoping and praying” does not happen, if it can happen at all considering all the underlying assumptions, which are not truly “under”, and not really “lying”, and are not even completely or sometimes not more than slightly hidden, is for God (including your “if” clause for that) to forget your real name (same “if”), the one He has for you. If He forgets that particular “sin” of letting you know your name ahead of time, the only way He will ever forgive Himself for that mistake (which He never makes anyway) is to forget about you. You would not want that to happen, if you actually believe in Him.

Otherwise (you stupid wise-ass atheist) it is No Prob Bob, like that Pastor In Texas (PIT)™ — my mistake if it’s not at Brad’s church of Baptists and Beds where COME is KING of JOY and LOVE but it’s totally twisted just like Satan wants all things (Swat)™.

It is all so Forking Good! EAT UP!!!! MORE MORE MORE MORE MORAL???

I wonder what the Beautiful And Glamour-Rich (BAG-R)™ head of that homebrewed church, God Of Aryan Truth: Saddledbacks Emergent (GOATSE)™ is like? And just what is the name of that PRICK type of Proudly Ignorant Godman (PIG)™ anyway? Betcha it’s a fat daddy mac! Swallow that proud pole, “K” guys? Please go back to the GOATSE from whence thou has cometh-ed. Thanky-poo! God’s a-gonna tear open a new gateway for you that is YOU!!! 🙂

you might hunt around in this blog for clues if you’ve forgot where you left your source, your GOATSE when the cx extenstion is not really needed anyhow when we have Google to do the thinking and finding for us instead of ourselves, left by following obviously enough it was far too closely to avoid the devil’s own workmanship, no doubt, since I did all this!

I hope that if you are “merely” offended by this you realize what a putz you are. Especially if you think that “bad feeling” you have now is worse than being corrected by your Creator after you’ve really “blown it” and are facing Him with your spoiled gift. Or, if you’ve been liberated and believe it would be better for me to say you are facing Her, then you can titfully burn just as sweetly in your mistake. She will forget you just as perfectly in Her genderless state as He would have done, had you believed in God and not actual sex (hybiganas?), but you had life to enjoy instead, and that is all there is to you, a life that will end, and nothing more. Hooray for limited YOU.

Like I probably will do, sooner, and not later. Remember the “if” part, which I’ve removed now, and will not reattach unless there is no other way. I see no way now. Unless you want me to get “into” that GOATSE idea again and reintroduce you to where you did not want to return yourself into such a mess. It really is.

That reminds me almost that I forgot but I didn’t: Dad is waiting for the coffee to get made and shared again. He’s already eaten (I haven’t) and so that concern is out of the way, and now we both can agree that some of the things God wanted done on His day (today, if we have our calendars aligned properly which we might not but that’s okay since we can make mistakes and fix them once we realize it) and that would (obviously) mean that my earthly father and I both have the same Heavenly Father today (this is probably a good thing to do, at least once per weekly cycle, not monthly) and it might be (I am not certain) the first time this year, or this half of the year, that we’ve agreed there really is just one God that wants both my own earthy father (Duane) and myself (Duane) to be however earthly in-the-fleshly happy we really and honestly (rah!) can do that, without fooling ourselves and the others around us, either individually, as a group, or as “individual groupings” that act like multiple personality disorder conspiracies unaware (note: the deception part can be one-sided, but that is the most we should allow, if we allow it).

As it is, I may have to spend six more days with an atheist, making him coffee so that he can forget about God again, and again, and again, and again

I was thinking I would repost Martina’s video of “Anyway” at YouTube, but I have not done it. I might still do it, but I would either have to repost yet another post, or repost this post (the first expression was another “malaprop” since a new post is not a repost). So I might, “anyway” or not.

Never could just keep it ti mysel!

Theoretically, God would want me to be occasionally somewhat happy (bosh!) also, and have someone help me once in a while. That (theoretically, or by my own faith) will actually happen someday. Or, I may die before “seeing it with my own eyes” and that is okay too, in the long run. I won’t like it near as much, but I’ll accept it. So remember: always get Dad, or Daddy, or Pop, or Papa, or What’s-His-Noodle, any request, reasonable or not, unless you want to catch Hell, ’cause he won’t think twice (or once) about giving you just exactly that, and then some!!! Depending on your predestiny, you might have been “designed” to be sent there just because the godman wants you there.

(you better believe it, or find out the HARD way, too)

* * * dIng gas * * *


23:21 8/5/2007
Just for the record, I am preparing to set the date ahead to commemorate the bombing in Hiroshima, which ended lives of some people from Japan, many of whom I hope to “meet” someday, since they (the dead ones, now) did nothing to make me ever want them dead. Thus, I wish they were not dead. I do not expect them to come to life, but instead, our spirits may actually imagine what it would have been like to be bound on Earth again, but we’d never want to go back and do that! We’ll be happy that we are both dead, then. When that day comes, it will never need to go away, I’ll be down with that notion. Up there, I’ll be down. 🙂
–g (is not really G)


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3 Responses to God Of The Churches Has Amnesia (GOTCHA)™

  1. Galen says:

    halve-eye got yore back?
    –gr or ro rg?

  2. “If He forgets that particular “sin” of letting you know your name ahead of time, the only way He will ever forgive Himself for that mistake (which He never makes anyway) is to forget about you.”

    You have just given a whole new meaning to the phrase “Forgive and forget.” Was that intentional?

    Question: Do you think God has forgotten about us?

  3. GOTCHA….brilliant. Absolutely brilliant!

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