Phony Examples (PE)™


You can find your own examples around you (that’s why you know they are actually your examples and not mine, unless you tell me about yours and let me share them in a way with you like we are with these of mine if you accept them at all, and I “adopt” them too as mine, as your friend) but I see them so much now, I have difficulty finding anyone who is not one. Problem with this is almost every celebrity of every kind or genre has many loyal and devoted fans, fanatical friends who do not really know them personally at all (not even remotely on a personal level) but would seemingly be quite willing lay down that good old one-of life on the line to help the hero.

You know what I mean, if you have any celebrity heroes, of any kind, including religious heroes. If you attack someone else’s religious hero, you can find yourself in some mighty hot water, with folks gettin’ all lathered up in the heat of the comin’ battle, just to tell you what an utter fool you are for not liking their best buddy, whoever that famous person is that you think is nothing but phony.

So if you spot a famous phony, you are supposed to just let it slide. Just let it slide, nice and slippery, on back into the background where nobody can see it. This so-called form of honesty is nothing but deception. It didn’t happen. No harm was done, and no act was ever performed intentionally (and do not even think of suggesting it was deliberate OR accidental since we did not err — don’t you even blame me!) to cause the non-harm that did not need to be mentioned anyway so the whistle-blowers should all be shot, and will at dawn, by GOD!!! (won’t they?) We ain’t never done nuthin’ wrong bu-fowah, and we sho’ ain’t gonna screw it up now, that’s fer damsher! We’s a-gonna take dis sho’ ah’ duh’ way home, bruddah!

Social engineering is not really something we (who?) can be scientific about, without forumlae, experimentation, lab analysis, and some failures to explain. We (who?) can plan, design, execute, and review everything as well as we (who?) know how, using all the resources possible, and accept the best results as something to build upon for the next cycle. Life is the neverending cycle. When the cycle is broken, life has ended. Nobody wants that.

Meanwhile, we (who?) try to put the best folks in charge of us, and we always have, and we (who?) have yet to “prove once and for all” that we (who?) know how to do that the right way, although the current process seems to be coming along fairly well, we (who?) still have to explain disasters. We (who?) also want to avoid them, and believe that we (who?) can and will at least attempt to improve on our historical Perspective Of Excellence (POE)™ — you might need to review Edgar Allan for that reference, if Lenore sounded much like Elenor, dreary as it sounds or did. We (who?) have not been perfect, and are not perfect now, but are striving toward that perfection. We (who?) all want it. We’d (who’d) like to stop trying so hard to reach the goal. We’d (who’d) like to take it easy for a change.

Sure we (who?) would, but may we (who?), yet, take that long-lasting vacation? Maybe not. (aw, why not? dat’s not fair! i wanna go to da fair!)

Sam is brewing more and more (and export it) of his own beer (SAMUEL ADAMS BEER), selling it so that people can be responsible drinkers (if that is how they have “chosen themselves” to be in rightful full control of themselves, themselves!) or perhaps they can also buy Sam’s product of love’s labours lost to just get drunk and raise holy hell up here in Oregon or really all around the world (our own Oregonian, Sam is a real man (i arm)™ with reeeeally BIG ideas of enlarging his better idea for the world we (who?) all live in together peacefully with LOVE, wonderful plans, and NOT some kind of greasy-hearted greed-filled self-indulgent man-loving sex-crazed son-of-the-devil at all, so don’t even “go there” and I did not suggest it so much as reveal it to you anyhow) because as we (who?) know (Jimmy Buffet) everyone even the Chinese want to “get drunk and screw” every so often, and there are more of them than us, by far, and by God’s Will, too, and two, and 2. He has lots of green stuff. Sam is the king of green.

Meanwhile, if you squeeze on my LORD’s thing, it should not have green stuff coming out of it, and it should not make you happy (he doesn’t like you squeezing on his man-thing like Sam probably likes it a LOT). So while you chase all that green seed-money, you might think about Christ bleeding in dying color, dyed in the wool like He was, to die for, forever. Amen. (He lives!)

I understand that was NOT GREEN, but RED like almost half of one of my names? Why am I running all out of color now? whywhywhywhywhy? hmmmm? (oh, wait, is this because I “own” death, and will swallow it up forever? Gosh, I sure hope so, because God is GOOD!) Surely, I am not so good.


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Nearly over some hills, still a fool on whatever this thing is where I stand
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7 Responses to Phony Examples (PE)™

  1. tearsofmine says:

    hmmm…well i can say that the only people that i follow by example are my Grandfather (probably the most Christ-like man i’ll ever know) my mother, and Jesus of course. i have friends who have done things that in my mind make them a hero to me in MY life. 🙂 there have been few who have touched my heart deep inside, and made my soul smile. and for those few i am ever thankful.

    at any rate, tried to call today…no answer, you were probably playin ya git-fiddle or out.

    have a lovely weekend.

  2. Galen says:

    My stars, and my heart starter, are you ever right several times in a row and all at once or what? You can add nine more to that since those were only three perfect choices (I know, I am judging again, it is my obsession) and you got the one main one right too! Good job, well done! You don’t even need twelve, but you may (permission-wise) have that many, and no more. You’ve got two more than you needed, if you even needed one to shake your hand, which you don’t, but you do deserve to have anyone lend you a hand (my opionion!) just for the asking.

    That’s the obvious one most people do not see right in front of them written in the WORD. Or, I’ve been reading that part wrong by reading too much into the idea of “simple” in my way of thinking.

    I have had an even lovelier weekend already, now! Thank YOU! Actually I was making some sounds, and need to do that again… ♥

  3. Galen says:

    *likes the way you said that*
    wordiness won’t help this, that’s for sure! 🙂 *wavy hands*

  4. Amy says:

    I was brief because I don’t feel good and didn’t really know what to say.

  5. Galen says:

    You know something? When someone talks just a little to me when she doesn’t really have something to say, or when she does not feel well and might feel more like not saying anything but says some little something anyway, my speial “decoding function” comes up with this: ♥ ♥ ♥

    Being quiet is an indicator. To me, it means something *special* that you tell me when you do not feel all that well. It means you know I am not addicted to good news since lots of things that actually happen are not all that wonderful. Maybe I’ll put up Martina singing “Anyway” again so I can have no trouble remembering you anyway. Songs that remind me of you aren’t even necessary (would I forget you if I never heard another song? No, Amy, I will never forget about you, no matter which way things go, good or bad). ♥ ♥ ♥

    So call me, just call me something, and say hello/goodbye. The stuff in between can be anything and it means: ♥ ♥ ♥

  6. tearsofmine says:

    I’m afraid I have to ask…was that thing about Sam…directed towards me…..? 😕

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