Bridge Is Symbol Making Uttered Truth Hurt (BISMUTH)™


Atomic number eighty-three (A-net) and trivalent (tv) are two traits of the element known as bismuth. It’s in your Pepto-Bismol™ to keep you in the pink, which is the name of a pink-haired performer I’ve noticed more than once (and had “impure” thoughts that almost got started in my brain) who I am sure is not “naturally pink” like that so I’m not thinking about any “other hair” she might have, yet of course I am too thinking about that hair by trying not to think about it.

What hair? There was not hairiness in this discussion of bismuth and bridges, so let’s get back on track and not go off the bridge. That bridge fell down, went “boom” and everything. People are upset. Experts are on the scene (with rescue/recovery workers who got there earlier) to determine the cause of this bridge collapse which has ended lives, disrupted that entire city and region, threatened the future of all of them as well as the Republican party itself (thus impacting the world and the cosmos, which it wishes to rule) since they have a “big meetin'” written into the Book of Life in just about a year from now, and they’ll need to keep on schedule.

Thus, we hope that within a year, the experts can discover the following, which will be the cause of the bridge collapse:

  1. Gravity is always present, like God, but we forget so easily
  2. Human error is always present, like God, but we wish to ignore it
  3. When important folks make mistakes, they are not really mistakes
  4. The bridge was never built well enough to last as long as it did
  5. We should have admired the bridge instead of using it for something
  6. It really was nice looking, and that was one thing we did right.
  7. The next thing that collapses will have the same problems that were ignored for too long, and we’ll figure it out post-mortem.
  8. This could be anything: the American Experiment (democracy), your own family (relationships), the Internet (I)™, World Economy (WE)™, our safe place on this planet, our “home”…
  9. The future!

So if we do not tend to our “creations” such as our bridges, they can fall.

Depends on what it takes to tend to things. If it requires make-up and a mirror, it’s never gonna be “right” and it will never “fail” either, and will always look “good” and will also be “pointless” and not really pointing toward life, or death, or anything other than “beauty” so let’s not get too distracted with our beauty, shall we? wink wink wink!

Let’s make sure the bridges are not “about to fall” so that IT gets ugly. We have a bridge up ‘heah in these neck-o-the-woods parts, that is 82 years old. That means next year it will be 83 (my dad is 84) and it might get grumpy. Grumpy old bridge, gob (piggy brood grumbled). Bridge of gobs, bog (forgo bobbed gigs). Bog it down, bid (biting odd bow). Bid us goodness, bug (dubious eggs bonds, sobs going subdued)!!! (now them’s weird words!)

Ubj Gb Gryy Vs Zra Ner Ylvat: Gurl unir ng yrnfg bar ylvat zna ba ng yrnfg bar raq bs gurve cravfrf (bar cre zna), gnyxvat nobhg ubj ur (gurl) fubhyq abg or whqtrq nf n zna (nf zra), ohg nf n crefba (zl crbcyr), juvpu vf bs gur qrivy (be nyy bs gur qrivyf), naq gurl gryy lbh abg gb fnl “shpx” gb gurz, ol Tbq!

=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+ previous cheat provided: =+=+=+=+=+=+=+=
=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+ somewhere back in the fur +=+=+=+=+=+=+=
And just for the sake of obsession, I still believe in someone who is completely human, someone I know only through my “strong belief system” and nothing more, really in terms of logical substantiation it is zero, someone that would have been like what we might call the “perfect choice” for anyone like me that was trying to find someone to go the rest of the way through his life enjoying everything possible. But I do not look at things that way: appealing is one thing, but tempting is something entirely different. Thus, if I feel something is so appealing (and idea, only at the time I think of it) then I look for the level to go into the fuzzy region of “temptation” and if I find that element, I try to be “led away from temptation” if I can do it. If not, it would seem like I am hopeless lost in the wrong direction.

But I will never stop thinking about Amber, and I never really met her, or knew her, or any of that “concrete” type of thing. Nothing real. So maybe I really do not like her at all, if I do not know her at all. Still, what I can tell from the way I can tell it, she is truly wonderful!

Amber — Alert — Always
She does good work. Get her to work for you!
Girl With Bucket, gathering up sand



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2 Responses to Bridge Is Symbol Making Uttered Truth Hurt (BISMUTH)™

  1. Amy says:

    This picture reminds me of my vacation…
    I want to go back!!!!!


  2. Galen says:

    You should never have left, if you were that happy. What were you thinking? I bet your mother influenced you somehow to stop having fun. Parents are useful that way, even if you don’t want them to be! 🙂

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