That “One More Time” Or More Thing Of Mine (TOM TOM TOM)™


There is one of my longest “post slugs” so far, if I am not mistaken, or it is merely a “top contender” in that arena if I actually am mistaken (scary, but, well, it is almost the same thing, or wasn’t it?) so “good for me” for sticking proudly outward anything of mine (expecialy if I myself made that thing with my own two creative hands-on projects) big, long, and beautiful out in front of the Creator and everyone, to beat on my tom-tom. Beautiful drum, pounding is your pride and joy. Pound on that, will you?

I like it that one of your basic rhythm instruments is that good old tom-tom. My preference is the floor tom. Do you like the floor tom? Or, “do you like (lick) the floor, Tom?” he said, swiftly.

This is so funny, I forgot to laughed. No, I forgot who laft. Nobuddy wint? Hook-illed cocked throbbers? Me-know-no, neo-show, cans is count he’s! (now that’s cryptic!)

I actually did consider about going totally silent today. Now I’ve blurted out twice. Slouched, again. When do I actually get to stop repenting? Tomorrow, perhaps, will be better than today. Yeah, like I haven’t heard that before. Well, I’ll believe it when I see it. (Did I mention that I “see” it?) 🙂


About Galen

Nearly over some hills, still a fool on whatever this thing is where I stand
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