High And Mighty — Make Everything Real (HAMMER)™


You can play with words if you want, and so can I, soak an eye. When, in my youthful days of late forties or early fifties, I had time and energy (seemed to have it) and desire to use Instant Messaging for converstations with my “imaginary friends” on the Internet, we used to say things like that (soak an eye) it was good for the mix of the talk. I used to spend hours online chatting with various folks around the world, and it was decidedly some of my finest hours. Bittersweetly it comes to pass that I no longer spend any time that way. I’ve hammered that wrinkle out so flat it does not even have a trace around it anymore.

You *did* have a chance here on the blog for a while when I was trying out the Meebo™ widget, so that we had a chat window to talk with, whenever I was here fixing things. And that was okay (L used it several times, but no new “friends” really were gathered by that method, in terms of fishing, there were some very nice nibbles) as long as I was spending time online to work on this blog. But then I had to cut back with online time expenditures, and now, I will focus less on the blog even if I am online, so the chatting will never return. After some time, I will not be online. Everything goes away eventually. Each day makes that a shorter time.

Not that anyone was wondering, but if so, you can do something else now.

Never talk to me again, and avoid all the difficulties. This is pure.

High and mighty, let’s make it real
Let’s make it real high
Let’s make it real mighty
Let’s really make it really high
Let’s really make it really mighty
Let’s really make it really high and mighty

I’m getting mighty high now, really!
(code for getting up off the floor,
which is beneath me, or should be,
I know, but I am such a slouch!)


About Galen

Nearly over some hills, still a fool on whatever this thing is where I stand
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5 Responses to High And Mighty — Make Everything Real (HAMMER)™

  1. Amy says:

    Yes, I did have a good time with Jessie. She’s such a great little cousin. 😀 I love her to death. (Wonder what that means for my new little neice…I’ll probably love her beyond death…OUCH!!)

    Speaking of playing with words…You’d probably LOVE the game MadGab.

    Aisle of hit.
    Soak an ewe?


  2. tearsofmine says:

    never talk to you again?? whattt sillyyy that could never be.

    miss youuu

    and i’m confused about how to get that meebo thing again. i miss having it and being able to ‘chat’ with you on it.

  3. Galen says:

    sum thing eye know is that yule lover weigh way more than death or life!!! (whine knot? uke hand dew it!)

    (besides, who loves death, and why love anything more than your own family? well…)

    we are not certain that I even like playing games anymore, since it involves making somebody lose and possibly become downhearted/depressed
    (which is something “we” cannot seem to stop wanting to do to ourselves)

    well, if things change maybe the chatting could happen again, but you’d have to have Meebo on your blog, since I probably won’t put it on here again

    not from what i can see now. which reminds me, I need to go over to Dad’s again. “ml8” eye’m laight? 🙂

    “see” you both later!

  4. Amy says:

    She has a name now… Coppelia Ana-Lucia!

  5. Galen says:

    I seek divine guidance (what a weird thing to say)…
    thanks, I’ll get right on that!

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