Pick Another Wonderful Name (PAWN)™



Acacia Pupil Alone

This means your family is “grafting back in” this precious little one who was somehow “nearly severed” from our ONE family tree and you are using “gum arabic” to glue her back in all nice and safe. You would seem to have subconsciously known “who she is” all along, and have given her the “eternal” name she needs. And you did not know that you were capable of such mystical doings, did you?

This is what we are “supposed to be doing” and not exalting ourselves. See? You picked the right name, and I had to figure out why it’s the right one. We may think we are each mighty important, but really none are superior than your new neice (or is it niece?) who is so lovable I just want to explode! (okay, that’s slightly exaggerated)

I can see why you’re so happy! (can’t exactly “relate” to it, I’m too old.) More people would be able to be this happy, if the process of “getting there” did not involve such a struggle (the good old “system” we have made for ourselves to use to do such adoptions) and then we would not feel we need tons of recognition just for conquering our own monster. What monster, I don’t see any monster, do you see a monster? Good, that was scary for a moment!

Sometimes happiness isn’t worth spelling it out, you should just go ahead and enjoy it! (I enjoy analyzing) ♥ ♥ ♥

I’m not going to “tie in” the ideas surrounding pupil. Still, it fits. (wink)

Another one is
opal acacia lineup
so maybe she’s only the first?


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