Heinous Anus (HA)™


You started a joke and it was you. You should probably have been watching out real close for your own punchline, so that you wouldn’t become your own butt (to laugh at, silly). Running up your own backlog is going to hurt you more that THAN it will you, somehow, if you are the winner, and that’s okay, you won’t mind, will you, if you suspend judgment on yourself forever? Good, I knew that you could!

[ news and pictures of film at ten-eleven ]


My joke started before I was playing along with my full deck of fifty-one. This flower fell off the wall too long ago not to look forward to the foot bottoms on my head. My crushed skull smiles in every direction now! 😀

Shure-lee yew remimber dese?


Coming soon/never: Corrected And Neatly Deflated Yesterdays (CANDY)™

I repeat, repeatingly:

Heinous, Anus (HA)™

so blow it, poet…


About Galen

Nearly over some hills, still a fool on whatever this thing is where I stand
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3 Responses to Heinous Anus (HA)™

  1. Galen says:

    not too bad! yours? did you have fun with li’l J and keeping her un-bored? (my guess is Yes you did!)

  2. Raymond Stolp says:

    “I am your nurse… and you are my hospital.”
    Raymond Stolp, 2003

    [ http: // www. youtube. com/ watch?v=8mpkAdaG9yU ]
    (thank you for trying to post your link here. it will stay
    in the disabled state (Oregon, my home) with my own
    approval process in place until I find time to finish with
    the guy explaining Cocaine to me. How did he know that
    I am uninterested in his view on the benefit of drugs? If
    he would have said anything else in the first 30 seconds
    I might have had more time to listen. Isn’t that weird?
    He actually made me run out of time faster by talking
    about something completely non-life oriented! wow! –g)

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