Two Other Options — Rachel And Tracy (TOO RAT)™


Cryptically has it come again, Chica? Did that gentle breeze of spirited thought feel its way into my own imaginary importance once again? How does something so unreal have so much force which is not there at all? Why question it if it does not even exist? (Who’s gonna answer?)

So if I had “offered” my daughter differently, it might have been just by herself, or perhaps as part of an act that has already been “on the road” so-to-speak and by that she would somehow add to the mix. The best way to exemplify those two ideas is just repackaging the audio players that way, so there are the background checks on these two suspects for the record. First is Rachel alone singing “You Are” and then a voice of musical experience comes from Tracy and her folks where we’ll hear about “My Special Guy” again. You can skip going back to see where this became one of my “forever cherished” creations that some of God’s people came up with out of their hearts just a few years ago. With a bit more time I’ll put links in this post so that the Snap preview will show you where to find the sources of these references to which I assign myself some responsibilities and forget to responsibly finish my sentences, at the most embarrassing times, like this one. So along with this detail corrected, those linky things for looking at credibility factors and such (we also have enjoyed having those Snap previews popping up “at our whim” provided I remember to get them set up right, and they actual add to the information on-screen, letting your “browsing experience” be better).

And my prayers are answered daily, as are theirs.

You Are



You AreMy Special Guy


Perhaps the settings will change but initially the first one plays once, the second one repeats. You can interpret that more than one way, and not be wrong in any case, unless you are really dense in that way. (the way I am) For indeterminable periods often we’ll see me going back over something and taking another wrinkle out of it, as if time had no meaning to me. “Eventually” makes sense to me, sometimes…


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5 Responses to Two Other Options — Rachel And Tracy (TOO RAT)™

  1. Amy says:

    Hm. I really liked “My Special Guy” too. 🙂

    Now … Here’s a serious question for you:
    Could you please stop being so hard on Tricia?

  2. Galen says:

    Yeah, the Clark family did a great job (they have several other songs you could go grab if you want) and ryc previously it may just be that I will only feature her along with a few others that might be willing and leave myself out of it again since my duration is predicted to be the most limited (I’m not going to last as long as you young folks will) and I liked finding Tracy’s offerings (just at random and not necessarily having anything at all to do with any so-called holy spirit or any stupid unproven things like mystical prayers to some unseen god or something since I would be a fool to believe in anything like that and not just kid around about it) when I did, where I did (South Dakota doesn’t necessarily have any towns named Redfield) and a bunch of other things we may as well just forget about.

    Okay? I won’t bother Tricia by responding to anything in her guestbook that belongs to you. That’s perfect. It will please her highness, The King (Tricia). She can never have to worry about my mean-spirited wish to harm her soul to its very innocent and non-critical core.

    That’ll fell a fella (and feel) a whole lot better, won’t it? And you won’t wonder why I disappered, since you’ll know I’m the quiet type.

    Always have been. How cute. Now I’m a has-been.

  3. tearsofmine says:

    the latest HP movie was ok. not the best out of all 5 that have came out so far…but it was pretty good. 🙂 currently watching Shanghi Knights on TBS. pretty good…never saw it before.

  4. Galen says:

    Is that the Wilson/Chan flick that I have seen some really funny/fun parts of? (probably) I really need to pay more attention to the full program (if I can) since I once worked with someone who allegedly knew (personally, with email and everything) the president of Jackie’s “west coast fan club” or something like that (it was claimed) and always enjoyed his work, especially that one about the big fights (non-league sports) in old Chicago (I think) that I saw years ago (when I had kids and all that).

    One thing is that you actually know (are educated) about the latest HP flick, and I’ve seen 0/5 along with not reading every single book so far (which means I’m “complete” and “not lacking” in my way of thinking) about all of that HP stuff, and more power to JKR for the fanaties everyone wants to believe in so much!

    (completely happy ingnorant person, chip) I remain,

  5. Galen says:

    oops, I mean “fantasies” not “fanaties” although now I want to figure out what I might have subliminally meant by that? Am I dreaming of Fantasy Manatees (FM)™ again? nawwwwww…
    –stupid me

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