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One-shot player is tested and working (o spit aw)

That’s more back to normal and more like “it” now! We can refer to several things at once in just a few symbols if we want to try to put that many eggs in one basket, like might have been in some song somebody sang sometime so sweetly. For one thing, my own daughter who is also official of the “firstborn” category has musical gifts to share and the problem set she faces is not unusual in terms of what others have to face but it is unusual for her since she never experienced this paradox before. You only meet the “big surprise” once, whatever it is. After that it does not sneak up on you, since you have seen it before. Familiarity is something we all desire.

That’s a fairly broad generalization and we better admit there may be some folks who do not desire any familiarity of any kind, although I cannot imagine how they would ever be able to “think” about much for very long and know whether they had thought about it before. My father is getting to be like this. He thinks of something for the first time, again and again, and it’s not something new, but he is almost certain he never mentioned it to me before. So I have to decide whether to pretend that he’s enlightening me, or whether to enlighten him about how he told me that yesterday too.

And I obviously don’t want that kind of “evil spirit” to run in my branch of the family, so I pretty much need to keep tabs on my own ability to remember anything whether it just happened or was somewhere closer to the moment of my birth. That is one moment I feel that I do not remember at all, yet it probably is “in there” somewhere in the back of my mind: that first scary view of the world, as I left the safety of my own mother’s body. With my insatiable curiosity, I actually wish I could remember that, and hope to “view” it someday, sooner rather than later, in the grander scale of existence.

But that is not what I needed to share tonight. My offering this time will be her first presentation, followed by another poker hand (look back for post 614 if you can find it for the first round in the “hold’em” game I tried to get started) with five pieces. The playlist in this player-gizmo (rated pg) is as follows (not to be confused with Megan Follows, whom I would follow nearly anywhere I’d imagine), with or without red hair preferences highlighted:

  1. You Are (Rachel Redfield)
  2. Galen Plus Avril GPA 1.0
  3. Other – Michelle
  4. Double Dreary (aka DD ROCK)
  5. Jam One Time JOT 01
  6. Cinnamon Cowgirl

As stated, #1 is Rach’s own concoction, which I recall hearing as “formative elements” before even she herself thought she was beginning to compose her own songs (and Layla was hearing it too, over the phone), which she would have prefered to do another take on it so it does not sound “so horrible, my gosh” like she wincingly admits it does, to her seem rather disappointing to have to show this to the world (hope you followed all that), but then realized that we can do the new version later in a much better “format” if she wants, since we have no idea whether anyone even listens to this questionable entertainment. (Just questioning things can be quite entertaining, in and of itself, if that makes sense!) After I pointed out how easy it will be to lay down the guitar part alone and then sing along with her other instrumental self. We’ll do that “studio method” here one of these day. If that is in the bigger plan, we will. Otherwise, no.

#2 is that idea where I can play with Avril if she wants. Actually she can probably have whatever she wants from me. Either that or a piece of my mind is what she’ll get, in words. That might not be what she’d want. That’s how that always goes, isn’t it?

#3 is a couple of tunes I played for the millionth time (not really) because I like thinking I “know someone” who will “probably like these” and so I did it to make at least one certain special (to me) someone feel extra special (myself probably is all that catches it, though). It is also remarkable the same way #2 is.

#4 is something based on my own idea when I was enjoying the wonderful age of 16 and playing in the four-piece enterprise calling ourselves “The Revolvers” and not really hitting the ear-targets all that well, at the time. So we had a job at the Maplewood Grange playing with two other bands (who were real bands that were getting paid, not like us, opening for the “exposure” we needed) with cool names that we wished we’d had (like “A Band Of Angels” and “The Redcoats” unless it was someone else, I may have shorted-out on that). We’d been told that we ought to play at least one original number if we wanted to be successful, and I drew the straw. That still seems to be what I get, shortly. Same remark as #2, #3.

#5 I just put this together the other day at night for the lady across the pond who only seems like someone I’ve known my whole life. What helps that illusion to work (where I’ve known Ellie since we were both little girls except that I was a schoolboy) is that I’ve learnt how to think “outside myself” quite a bit and have no fear that the experts would recommend against it. I can easily explain why this technique (funny word for it) does not work for the experts, but I will not bother. Same remark, isn’t it?

#6 This is Neil Young’s song “Cinnomon Cinnamon Girl” only I chopped it with my own horses hooves and the loose nails in my shoes. Whinney, I need to pooh! and also get my eyes replaced or that other optic nerve-ending which misfires 😦

I only made this into a six-thing because I had the five-shot going on and Rachel came home from a near-week at Camp Davidson, so I’m glad to be “forcing her” to show off a little for everyone now. Fun’s over. 🙂

07:09 7/28/2007
This loops now! Nineteen minutes, over and over and over…

For now (after it is working), just the one in-line mini-jukebox with all the buttons pressed. You might see a different version/format later. Later will surely come, but who knows what this distracted derelict my undecide to do next? I already forgot to say anything at all about Y.A. Tittle, didn’t I (and with a name like Yelberton, you just know he’s got to be good!)? What was I thinking? Good grief… it’ll be something unspectacular, most likely. Also I need to find out when the fair is going to be, this year, since they might want to go. That way there will be memories to share, when later gets here, like it always does! Hooray for later! (okay, we can celebrate later, later, if you want)


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4 Responses to You Are (YA)™

  1. tearsofmine says:

    Well yesterday after some searching I did find when the State Fair here is. I knew WHERE it was…just not WHEN…and I don’t get why they just can’t have it the same week every year…why it has to change…I don’t get it…heh. Anyway, I hope you have a wonderful day today!!

  2. Galen says:

    Good morning!!! (both places at once, even!)

    Perhaps with my form of delving we can discern which of several possible non-reasoned factors were used by the planners to keep themselves busily important on this matter (albeit immaterial to anyone not interested in the affairs of fair-goers). If it were going to be easy to understand this scheduling thing, we would not need to hire such well-paid expert planners to set these workable schedules for us out here living the life of citzens, now would we? Fortunately we may rely on our government or on the private sector to take care of what we cannot do for ourselves (like figuring out when the fair is “coming to town” again like in the good old days we remember or heard about). Usually we are only worried because we “think we do not know what is going on” but our caretakers (maybe I meant caregivers?) have that covered, fortunately. It’s a good thing that society can actually afford to have people earn a living planning things like that so that we don’t have to be confused.

    It’ll happen any day now, when their planning all comes together finally. (maybe even before the fair is over!)

    I’ll have fun being cynical as I realize how much nicer things would be if you and the kids could come out to the beach. But then we don’t really know how wonderful that would be. We just “think” we know about that, without ever having started the initial phase of experience at all. (we must be insane).

    Love ya! ♥

  3. Amy says:

    I really liked the one where Rachel was singing. That’s your daughter, and you were playing the guitar? How sweet. You should “showcase” her more often. 🙂 She has a great voice.

  4. Galen says:

    Actually, if she sounded more like me vocally, you might have gotten that part wrong too. She was playing the guitar as well as using her own voice, all at the same time. Simultaneously, with the letter T in it this time and not wrong like I spelled it there in another place and did not correct it. I’ve decided to stop trying harder than those around me to get everything right or as close to it as I can, and instead just insist that everyone “take me the way I am” so that I don’t have to change (these are the principles of most of those you are asking me to submit to, and so I will, by your leave), so I’m just not fixing things always, or trying, or wanting to, or caring about it so much, like I used to. There’s no point in that, for me, anymore. I don’t want to “succeed” with that desperate flavor in it like I had when I tried to be a “family man” and all that fairly phony fairytale nonosense. It’s just a myth from the old, old days and is never going to work now, since we do not actually need each other (families). That would only be true if people wanted to stop being atheists.

    She’s better musically (as a soloist for sure) at her age now than I was, but she has it figured completely differently, and doesn’t see how I “got so much better at it again” when I suddenly decided to see if I could “still play” when she got all fired up about Xtian music a few years ago. So far I am keeping everything that I can to stay “in tune” with the “overall song” that my daughter (or maybe it was Jen) started to reawaken in my dying heart. We’re finishing off my part of that song now. Now would have been the time for me to insist that it all be Christian music, and I almost made it. We sometimes have to stop ourselves in check, just to make sure we are not attempting to create our own myth out of our own self-importance, so I stopped to see what I was looking at, “just now” before moving on. It wasn’t the “real thing” after all. It was close. I did the math. Missed it by “that much” in fact.

    Another myth. Music is music, and it only “becomes” what we imagine it to be, unless some impartial judge is to speak up and say so. Until that happens, it’s all a matter of “taste” or “style” or “preference” and you can choose to please yourself by selecting only your favorites. Wow, how insightful can we get? Christians are sometimes honest about admitting the truth about themselves, and sometimes those who “admit” to it are lying through the teeth of their gummy souls. We’re not taking a stand on this issue anymore. I am what I am, and you can lovingly call me SHIT if you want to, since that isn’t completely wrong either.

    Self-important prigs are (these days) often calling themselves “Christian” and they are welcome to their illusion. My illusions are just about as gone as they could get. Reality is going to bite everyone to the bone, and it’s a bone they did not know they had. Mine has already felt the warning tremors. (all errors left standing here are mine)

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