Hey, that hay reminds me


Where was the blown-out-of-proportion title? Where did it never come from this time? What’s not the deal? Running out of rhetoric and provocative phrases to attract spam agents? Did we forget our meds again? (no)

Just getting a little tired of myself, finally (again) feeling bored. But I remembered refering to this tune the other day, and how much it can mean to realize that sometimes the examiners — in most of the seriously critical-judgment scenarios that we face as hurdles — are really mostly messing with your head to see if it falls apart, and you actually have better things to do than to let them, but don’t know it.


And I quote, from the quote place where you can find where it got found before that, if you follow that line of indirection at all, starting here:

In college, Brubeck was nearly expelled when one of his professors discovered that he could not read sheet music. Several of his professors came forward arguing for his ability with counterpoint and harmony, but the school was still afraid that it would cause a scandal, and only agreed to let Brubeck graduate once he promised never to teach piano.[2]

So that reminds us maybe somewhat of Albert Einstein and how school went. Dazingly, not always brilliantly when seen from the higher ups. Them up type people look down, since that is the only place besides their important selves that needs looking at. Or not at. Down at. Da town?

You need to hear some voices of many watered instruments in your fountainheads, that’s what. Please help yourself to one-half dozen minus one. All of that quad plus one is yours. Have a handful, too.

14:49 7/28/2007 Error detected, audio play disabled pending investigation (what happened? me no know! looks like the dishonest people are having their greedy way again, e-spew on yourselves!)

Dave Brubeck Quartet — Take Five — NOTE: he is merely three years older than my own daddy dear!!! Ah, the memory is so real!

[ audio=http://espew.com/cgi-bin/spew/461886/The%20Dave%20Brubeck%20Quartet%20-%20Take%20Five.mp3|righticonhover=0x33ffcc|rightbghover=0xff3399|righticon=0xcc3399|lefticon=0xcc66ff|rightbg=0x990066|leftbg=0x9933cc|slider=0x993366|border=0xff33cc|loader=0xcc66cc|track=0x663366|text=0x66ccff|bg=0x660066|loop=yes ]
(looping, and at about 11 per hour, check and see for yourself)

Don’t use them all in half of a place, now.


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8 Responses to Hey, that hay reminds me

  1. tearsofmine says:

    i like this new look. 🙂 i too get bored with life at times. Like not being alive, but just the mundaneness of it all…(is that a word? mundaneness? probably not.) today is the first day in WEEKS i am not drop dead tired..heh. you’d thought i’d say gorgeous didn’t you? 😉 😛 Just kidding, anyways, yeah today is the first day I don’t feel over-tired or tired at all actually…odd??…hope to talk to you later. maybe tonight. kiddos are out with daddy.

  2. Galen says:

    My head is like an apple, and life seems like one big, lovely juicy worm. Talk about green with envy, too! Life tries to steal us from ourselves. Why does it think it can get away with such dastardness? (not gonna work, not if it expects us to help!) You know, if mundaneness is not a word, then it is my duty to object if nobody will let you be the creator of this obviously pointful word. We’d have to settle for mundacity perhaps, even mundorphism, or something else if we could not cover it with that one, and we can, so we will (every time, except if we are too bored with it). Who needs mundaneness, except as a beautiful word? Not me! (yet, it surrounds me) I remember I stopped changing this one after I put Kate’s right arm up there. Somehow it keeps me thinking, on the beat, and like that there stuff.

    You know how I knew you were not really going to say gorgeous? You’ve already seen me dropping dead (that work still in progress started years ago) and it’s no thrill after all. In fact, it seems to share a bunk with mundaneness by now, doesn’t it? 🙂

    Perhaps we’ll just take five tonight. I remember when Lisa wanted me to “get online tonight” and she said it with “toilet, then noggin?” so of course I was unable to resist being overpowered with such suggestive words.

    You know how I am. Just a sucker for magic, or whatever that is. 😉

  3. tearsofmine says:

    i thought i left another comment…apparently i didn’t. anywayz. i did try to call. but i think you or R. is online. try to catch ya laterz

  4. Galen says:

    The online connection was active and present, however I had left the building. The building was not paying attention to you. Don’t look at me. No, wait, please, go ahead, try to look at me. I might not be visible anymore. 🙂

  5. tearsofmine says:

    booo 😦 i just tried to call again…but no answer…maybe laterrr.


  6. Amy says:

    Shoot, I just typed up a comment, then hit the wrong button and lost it all. So now you get the condensed version, which would basically be one sentence:

    I didn’t write the bonehouse entry, I copied and pasted it from MySpace.

  7. Galen says:

    I wish I had not already known that, since I figured you got it from somewhere else, some place where that’s how it always says it when they go through this list of 1500’s or 1500s facts of curiosity (the thing could be called a boneyard, itself) — I found at least six other places and some of them where the debate figures out which bits are in error and all that fun kind of pickiness — so thanks (really) for reassuring me (I do not actually figure I will always guess really well about things like this) that you wouldn’t have decided to generate some weird idea just for the sake of seeing how it might look. Or something. Don’t you just hate it when you forget to do that extra cut-to-clipboard step that would’ve retyped it all for you? I sure do! (but not for long, it’ll happen when I’m “not looking” again) 😉

  8. tearsofmine says:

    😦 miss youuu

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