Duo As Demo (DAD)™

Not to confuse anyone or leave anyone out, but this is between me and one other person, and the rest of you can just go pay attention to something (someone) else, instead, unless you’re interested for some reason. But you didn’t do either half of this unless you are her she or you are me I (myself). I am certain you are not me I (myself), since I have to check on myself (ran out of other pronouns to use on a personal level now) to be certain (much less self-assured) about that and nobody else is ever here but me. You’d think I’d quit looking. Nope.
So here is a duet that has not really happened, but it sounds like we know what we’re doing, even if we aren’t doing it. In fact, she couldn’t play both of those instruments at once (well, maybe she can but I haven’t seen it) and I know I can’t play anything as well as I just did either, so it’s all fake anyhow.
Should you listen to such trickery? I wouldn’t, if I were you. But I’m not, and we just went over that detail, if I remember correctly. Good thing I wrote it down, huh? 🙂
=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+= warning!!! anagrams ahead =+=+=+=+=+=+=+=
I’ve titled this “Jam One Time” which is also “Join Me, Mate” or “me no aim jet!” if not “aim jet omen” or quite stupidly “join me at me” among others, and is also the formula (it forms JOT with its initial letters) to give it that fully overblown look, which could mean something, or not. Jot or not, Jon? See, I cannot stop, sics! I am not pleased with the audio level/quality and yet, it “worked” well enough that I can tell what I wanted to be able to tell. Something “clicks” when it should. Maybe it is that remote control on the floor that K almost stepped on while stomping feet to show it how we are happy. (we are!)
=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+ end of warning =+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=

Jam One Time JOT 01 (the first ever!)

This is the sound of the Isle of Ristol with echos of odd energies, straining with some kind of stringy metallic groaning, scraping for attention perhaps? We have no idea if it is even of “this” world or otherly! (gasp)
(for now staying out in front and not in the Back room)

23:17 7/26/2007
Alright then, now we had a few moments to stir a few more pots in some other campfires, had a bit of gabbiness, and then got this all rolled out, for that even nicer look-feel, the spiffier stylin’ ride these days is often on ODEO™ (triple o) and this one is NOW, so click on this player instead, or simulaneously also to make even more and further weaving sounds happen at once, randomly and delightingly:


Enjoy! Enjoy again! (repeat)


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Nearly over some hills, still a fool on whatever this thing is where I stand
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8 Responses to Duo As Demo (DAD)™

  1. Amy says:

    You are a crazy loon. I’d love to see you do a wheelie on your trike.

    TAG. Now YOU’RE it!

    …And speaking of my blog… have you read my newest update yet? (Hint, hint…the news there is terribly exciting, just waiting to be read and oooh-ed and ahh-ed over. :-P)

    I have no shame. I should just point-blank tell you to go do it, instead of just dropping hints….


    Have my hints hit the floor yet?

  2. Pootle says:

    You are quite brilliant, for many reasons, but here are 2:

    Working out such a brilliant part to REALLY enhance my work


    Combining the two in cyperspace.

    I love it, it’s great!

    I think more people might listen if you explain in plain English who wrote and recorded what bits though – how exciting. I didn’t play it BTW, I put the dots into Sibelius and it played itself. A few months from now, I will have some live recordings online. Shall we go from there?

    There are also some videos of me practising, lurking on my puter somewhere. I will put them up, but not tonight because I’m too upset. I’m off on holiday this weekend too.

    Thank you!

  3. Galen says:

    I think I’m brilliant for noticing how much I like your music even if you don’t. But I get confused by most of my own ideas, at first. Weird!

    I’m pretty sure I got one thing figured out about this. You have to know where the dots go to teach sibelius how to be a good robot or even it doesn’t come up with much (does it?) so being temporarily physically limited in actually generating a live version of anything is (sorry, again) not anything I can handle, either, and don’t plan to be able overcoming the fact that the real, live performance is really what has GOT to happen at some point. What puzzles me is that this part you think I worked out isn’t exactly something I “made up” so much as “could hear” when I listened to the part you think has not much to it.

    I’m so glad that you even like it at all, actually, since I have to make sure I am not giving myself an easy “out” when I think it “barely worth keeping” instead of doing it over for the umpteenth time! I like playing along with your music, since it has ideas in it that you are trying to express, beyond your actual ability, which is easy to want to do, but not so easy to do. 🙂

    So I will probably do a few more and you’ll probably think it’s okay, if it doesn’t upset you later after you get over being upset now? (nevermind, it’s not really a qustion and not a puzzle to be solved, just waited for to get over itself)

    I love what you do and how it’s better than you seem to think it is, and how that makes it so that “something” which might not even be real seems to “think of telling me what to do” and then I do it, and it seems to be just right. Almost like magic. Wonder what it really is? And…

    What’s next? 😉

  4. tearsofmine says:

    *waves* i should try and call again sometime…i’m just so tired. what’s new. heh. i guess i should update

  5. tearsofmine says:

    ryc: yeah i’m working on that whole dad thing…

  6. Galen says:

    Oh, I know you are, and you could not expect yourself to compensate fully for what is simply unavailable from proper source(s) no matter how hard you try, so knowing just “how hard” humanly possibly you should even care is a lot of the “heart” part. People who have that built-in “no-quit” bone in the head would not even begin to feel frustrated if they could just quit when it seemed difficult, not to mention hopeless. You’d just quit, and do something easy and instantly gratifying. But that doesn’t hold for long.

    So we get tired, instead. Adequate sleep is good, and on a regular daily basis, while favoring the night for most of it, since daylight does not grow on trees (it is the other way ‘round!). I remember it well. 😉

    Maybe we can figure: Let’s not mention hopeless anymore, except as “a concept” unless we’re really havin’ no clear way to find our way out. Wherever “out” is…

  7. Galen says:

    Why, thank you, random person, very much! 😀 I think that calls for an upgraded improvement to using the Odeo™ player since that is such a handy little string of code to use once it’s hosted at their site (don’t you just love it when someone says that something you do not know how to do is just so simple or handy?), which means first go visit that place (how long have I lapsed?) and put it there so I can put it here so I can put myself out to pasture? Green green grass of hooooooooommmme….

    e-mmmMoooooooooh? I simply have to put up the Nursery Rhyme now. That one is even better, since it’s really a duet if I only add one part to the one part. One plus one equals more.

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