Knowing As They Yelled (KATY)™

Or so they say or have said or screamed, as “Katy Did…” is what they named that noisy insect Katydid (see below, at your feet, Grasshopper). Whenever it was I encounterd the term “invisible girl” it took awhile for me to catch on that I probably had that role in my family unit. Nuclear as it was and not quite so unclear as to be nuke-yuller, our foursome had dad, mom, sis, then me, the little one until around mid-teens, and usually least vocal and most pensive except at sometimes when Mom would be the most listening and least talkative during the parts where I actually talked.

Katydid . . . Katydidn’t:
Bush Katydid female

Silent little one wondering…
Katydid nymph

Some folks are more reticent, and some more verbose, and some are more or less in the middle of a lot of “measured parameters” eventually used in some way to figure out who is doing better or is more qualified than someone else. We figure out how well life is going (usually) by whether or not our “dreams” or plans or expectations seem to be getting fulfilled on schedule. When they are, it’s a good thing; when not, obviously it is more difficult to rejoice.
That’s the real problem. It isn’t surprising that it is so very easy to be happy when things are going well, is it? I have never seen anything all that wonderful about things going “right” just because I wanted them to go that way. There might be more to it than what I wanted it to be and I just don’t know it yet. But there you go: cynically I can be glad something good just happened, and not really restrain that joy but perhaps temper it somewhat when I realize that I did not really know it was going to turn out this way, so I better not overdo that happiness. It’s good to be happy. But let’s not go popping out our veins here. Might scare somebody.
Might need some later when things go wrong again. They so often do, on the part that hasn’t yet come and hit me in the face, which foolishly seems to keep pointing forward into the gale force wind of uncertainty, even if it seems ridiculous (at times) to bother. I know the road is there. Why can’t I just go to sleep? We’re in one of those armored robot vehicles, aren’t we? Hmmm… V?
Here’s suggestive of the bush-cricket, but not really, Just repeating one song I “love” to play sometimes, and maybe more than just that, and this for showing remembrance to its creator, or so I would try to make it seem:

(22:34 7/25/2007 this is being repeated ahead of time, later, from the B section of this post, which is not showing, unless you’ve gone after “more” again… but you’ll have to go there to get the story behind this messed-around-with nonsensical thing I did last summer just now…)

[ “Complicated” audio thing ]Looping this time for the ego trip

Not trying to run circles around anyone. I cannot even walk unevenly.
More detailed and intimate Katydid pictures on page “B”, the adult section, where you are unashamed to admit you ever went:



The oddest things, these guys actually do their “forking around” in the dirt and it works better that way! These insects remind me so much of my old schoolmates during the months of May through September (when school was out and we did not have to do everything indoors), when they acted so much the same way as these nature lovers do.

It’s usually refered to as the process of “mating” in the animal kingdom, and somehow it is not entirlely natural and easy for humans to know what is supposed to happen with ourselves, since we are not animals nor plants nor anything else living that we’ve ever identified ourselves as similarly fashioned, even though it seems like it ought to be straightforward.

We do not always recognize the proper “choice” or selection of mate (whereas others in the jungle appear to have random elements of appearance and behavior as the driving elements), nor do we understand how the machinery is supposed to work. For this one, otherwise instinctive function, we need all kinds of extra efforts and documented accountablity, or it just does not happen the right way, ever. We have no idea why, either. You’d think, with all of our intelligence, we’d figure out how to do it in the dirt, too. Oh well.

01:33 7/25/2007


Then if something really strange happened and Avril Lavigne needed someone to sit in a chair playing on some guitar or other instrument, and I were not yet expired into dust or whatever I become (worm meat is shunned by some as a future, the reports have been heard) after my fleshiness is as nothing once again. Apparently I, like anyone else, formed by the fusion of gametes.

Wow, just a few words, and there I was. As an idea, anyhow (and a funny one, at that, taken seriously more than necessary). I have added 21 seconds to the original which was playing in the background over the “air” as I played with my sound recorder on and the guitar in my hands adding to the original. Whether it had any value is only determined if anyone listens, even once. Beyond that and we might all want to question why. Playing music is supposed to be enjoyable for the players and the audience as well, if it is “working” at all. I guess.

[ “Complicated” audio thing ]

My attempt to be heard is mostly not overshadowing the original but if you put on the stereo headphones it should be easy to hear which extra filler noises were added by my spastic manual appendages. Never have I been good at anything requiring use of the hands, yet everything does.

it’s not fair!…(stomps foot, watches hip joint break, cries…)

P.S. If someone would desire the Guitar-Only (GO)™ track or version, then one simply need make the prescribed request in the usual fashion, if you remember it. Certainly it is possible to play this one again, if memory serves! Or if the finger can point at anything uncrooked? 😉
update posted (pending audio widget activation): 02:11 7/25/2007


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9 Responses to Knowing As They Yelled (KATY)™

  1. Amy says:

    I’m more reticent. I’m trying to learn how to come out of my shell, though. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. “If at first you don’t succedd, try, try again.” How long have you been playing guitar? You do it very well. Why do you put more than one song in those little player thingies? (Of course I’m not technical enough to know what they’re called. lol.)

  2. tearsofmine says:

    Those bugs always scared me when I was a kid…they kinda still creep me out.

    Hope you have a lovely day. Hope to talk to you soon.

  3. Galen says:

    How long have you been playing guitar? You do it very well.


    My best response is really: “Not long enough, but I’ll quit soon enough” since it has been something I decided to “quit” more than once, and yet I have not really taken any cure from music addiction, which is painfully obvious enough. Mostly from my lacking of that single and definite purpose (principally those of amassing huge prestige and wealth) as was needed by all expert advice, the much-needed purposeful awareness and that long-awaited access to success still eludes me as being based on any real talent I ever had or that guitar-playing could have anything to do with sharing a special gift. Why should I want such a lofty and proud goal, anyway? Do I have to feel like I’m special, just because I wanted to be? No, I don’t. That is why it doesn’t happen.

    As usual, nobody really thinks I’m particularly good at it (I’m lucky if it’s considered adequate), Amy, and I’ll always have to agree with them on that, for the most part, since I’m never satisfied with it. It seems ridiculous to want anyone to “like it” since that won’t make any difference to my decision about what comes next or even whether I think I did well on it, since I rarely do. And it isn’t so much having to do with what any one person asks, but that is always the beginning of the entire story, which I never know except in small pieces. Lately, hardly anyone asks, so that will have to be how it plays out now. Trial-and-error musical mudslides from me, trickling down to nothing in due time, unless something “practically invisible” comes flowing along the way to rekindle the energy of whatever flow was supposed to go.

    That is why I’ve tried not to ignore smaller details like everyone else does.

    That’s where the “hidden” things are always being overlooked, and not at, but instead of, or something like that, with too many words.

    Figured I should say something, even if it’s more drivel… hope everyone else gets through the day with smiles that look and feel completely real, like they did in the morning! I remember that part about work: quitting meant smiling, usually. Almost like I could admit I did not really want to be there, and was glad that I could stop all the lying for the sake of having a job. But we all know that could not be what was happening to me or anyone, ever! 🙂

  4. Amy says:

    I don’t think anyone can be “cured” of music. At least…I can’t. It’s in my blood, and it’s probably in yours, too. 😉 Keep at it, man, you’re better than you give yourself credit for.

  5. Galen says:

    Since music-love is not known to be any sort of malady or disorder, I would resist any cure that got put forth, lemme tell ya (and so I have, which is why I still do it after quitting repeatedly and then relapsing/failing, like some sort of self-destructive slow-suicide drug addict or somethin’)!

    I’m not going to stop, far as I can tell, even though it too seems inevitable, like anything human I’ve ever attempted. The shortcomings are easiest to find.

    I won’t stop wanting to do better, learn more, help someone with what I’ve learned. That’s the only reason I learn things I do not see any use for at the time: my vision ahead is not certain about what I actually will want, later.

    Some things are unshakenen Unshaken, in my mind, but that has shakes out its own doubts, still, like salt on my french fries!. (Yes, I actually edit my *own comments or those of others* to make myself appear different and possibly even better than reality knows I am! and I do not deny it!)


  6. Amy says:

    There’s nothing wrong with wanting to be better at something. We should always strive to be the best that we can be.

    I want to see if I can figure out how you did the line through your words.

    Yeah, I’m weird.

    The day goes by really fast when you don’t take your lunch break til 2:45! Mind you, I actually ATE at noon, I just kept working while I ate. I had to take a co-worker to pick up her car, so I didn’t take the lunch break until later in the day. Now it’s almost time to go home…and I’m hungry again. :-/

  7. Amy says:

    My first attempt failed.

  8. Amy says:

    Ha! Got it!

    (Yeah, I’m easily ammused amused. It seems easier to just backspace and correct the mistake, though. :P)

  9. Galen says:

    It helps me later when someone accuses me of thinking I am perfect. It happens every gosh durnified day I’ve ever woke up. Or is that woken? I forgot to do it again, whichever it is, or would have been.

    Yeah, you just strike out the things with the tags. Tags on strike. Strike those tags. Trike tags? Stags on trike? What’s next?! I’ll do a wheelie for ya!

    Tag your you’re IT! Except this is not your blog, so I am the other havelf of IT. You can be the I, I’ll be the T! 😛

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