Today Is Twisted (TIT)™


Not trying to be catty about my remarks but today has a special date, and I just hadda get it out here on paper, without chewing up any trees and spitting them out, of course. This day, when expressed in the somewhat twisted format of putting first the MONTH, and then the day, followed by the year, is like this:


That looks a little bit funny (this feelin’ insi-i-i-ide…) but if it were in the more logical ordering of the day (small container) followed by Month (medium container) and then YEAR (large container) we would see it this other funnier way:


That looks like I am seeing double, but with a couple of gashes across my windscreen, or maybe the wiper blades are on because it is raining inside my sad brain. Whatever it is, the picture is there, in symbols, or numbers, not words really.

But now is now, today is today, and you are fine with me. Probably. 😉

Here is a picture of just one tit for everyone to stare at (especially, supposedly that is, the men, the real ones, the “men’s men” or something I dunno what it is…):

Nice li’l birdie!

This happens to be what is known as a “Bush Tit” so there ya go (or is that yuh goh?)!!!

I am soooooo bushed, baby. Here’s another bushed bush tit too adore:

Sleeping in, girl?

Dad and I were talking when his in-home care nurse showed up (local lady, young, we know all her kinful connections around these parts, etc.) and he mentioned an old song, which I have not found to signify this date, but it (“720 In The Books”) was one of many this lady sang, more than once, and this is more “findable” right now, so here ya go (again):

I dunno, that sounds like using all the time for just one thing. I understand the concept, but it is just not practical. Round the clock sounds more like work, but maybe that’s because I do not remember what that is like, either.

(okay stop all the side splitting now)

12:42 7/21/2007 (and not fully proofread but tough beans, it’s july)

You knew there’d be more, didn’t you? Always there is more, lest we quit!

Here she is, singing in heaven for ten years at least, she’s been. Sort of like an eternal “has been” I just know my Ella has been singing to me from heaven. He is with her, and they have been singing to me. I hear them. She doesn’t even need all that melanin anymore, either! 🙂 I loved Ella, and always will. She was born in 1914 so she was just a little too old for me, damn it! Really if I could control time, I would not be here now. No way. (Hose A?)

1940 when I was -21

1947 when I was -4

Someone who actually lived through both world wars was always “too old for me” yet I always imagined myself able to change anything (in “theory”) about myself and then enjoyed how that would work out. Obviously, I became a tall, dark handsome non-stranger by Ella’s side, only she really wasn’t lacking for friends, as far as anyone can really remember. She did well in life, if anyone does well, or has, or will, I would say. Yet even Ella cried, often, because “the world” is not right, and it never will completely be “accepted” by us.

You know when it is right, and this IS!!!
What is right is Oh, So RIGHT

At least some people get the medal of freedom without signing up for anything but just by volunteering themselves from the heart outward, including everything with reach to give the others some spirit, some uplifting support, some reason to go forward through the hazy confusion. For this she never will die. Now, what was I doing today, instead of yesterday? Oh, something or other, surely!
–g (for –g, who else?)


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Nearly over some hills, still a fool on whatever this thing is where I stand
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9 Responses to Today Is Twisted (TIT)™

  1. Amy says:

    I shall do my best to have a great weekend. 😛 I’m sure it will be good.

    #1, I found out this week that my best friend got engaged.
    #2, I found out this week that my brother and his wife are going to accept (most likely) a referral for a little Guatemalan baby to adopt, and she’s ADORABLE.
    #3, my other brother’s girlfriend and her brother are coming into town tonight; this will be my second time meeting her, and my first meeting him.

    So there ya go. Why is your weekend going to be good? 😛

  2. Amy says:

    Is that second bird sitting in daisies? I LOVE daisies!

  3. tearsofmine says:

    what a beautiful birdie. miss ya. am i allowed to do that?…hope to talk to ya soon.


  4. Amy says:

    Man. I thought I just posted two comments, but they didn’t show up….weird.

    Is that second bird sitting on daisies? I LOVE daisies!

  5. Amy says:

    Is that bird sitting on daisies? I LOVE daisies!

  6. Galen says:

    only insofar as I might be permissibly missing you (more!) so go ahead (give till it hurts? aaaaah noooo!) since I can’t help it either. 😦

    oh well, I will play a sad song on my non-violin. i have no bow, no prom to which not to go? huh? oh, what was that movie that i didn’t see?


  7. Galen says:

    This thing tried (what thing?) to trap four (4) of Amy’s comments, and if I had not checked the trap myself without her mentioning the “puzzle” to me, I’d not have known, and they might have gone by the wayside, wherever that is. The bit bucket, or the bucket bit the dust? No, that rabbit, bit the bucket? Oh heck!

    Anyway, those probably are not actually daisies since it’s going to be some kind of shrub or bush (shrug or gush?) so then I could probably find out. Maybe if I do not bobble my goggle. (huh?)

    Why don’t I skip that part, where I try to identify the shrub? (If I skip it, that is!) One of the fields I chose not to go into (or out into, to be outstanding there) was Botany. Now, if I remember, they used to use Botany 500 fashions on the Perry Mason show (TV) but that’s entire another objectionable subject we are NOT switching to, since I have the remote, you remember.

    🙂 hey, I knew you liked daisies. Should I remind you of how I knew that (or remembered it, actually)???

    No, nevermind, you’ll get it. 😉

  8. Amy says:

    LOL. Maybe you should remind me of how you remembered. And I’m glad yo found my comments…They all pretty much say the same thing, since I had no clue they were stuck in the system somewhere. 😛

    I gotta go, time to eat a little bit before I go to the movies.

  9. Galen says:

    please, don’t eat the daisies!
    (doris day, several years past)
    have fun, remember how (not exactly
    the how part of how, but the *fact*
    that I do) always remember you

    with a smile! 🙂 ♥

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