Thirty-something Timeout (TT)™


The greek letter Pi (which we say as if it were “pie” and not “pee”) is what it looks like to me when two letter “T” symbols sit too close together. Like they have their heads together, and are thinking “as one” when it looks like TT, it looks like π to me! Either that, or like Π since it was not tt.

Well anyway, have a slice of Π on me, listen to thirty seconds of the “real thing” from the originals (it’s just a digital image that formats the acoustic energy you’ll hear in a few moments) connected to my imaginary cheerleading section with one MAJOR (not mafor) Minority Of One (MOO)™ that is not alone, while you think about how it might sound eventually (if not sooner) when I “finally” lay down some tracks (actually one would be good) and put it up here as the whole song with all of me in it (not physically, of course, that would make such a mess). Also it might sound better if I slow down the peaceful easy part, but I always did like Alvin and Theodore and Simon, so we can let it slide, especially since now this is almost only twenty seconds instead of thirty-six or whatever it would be. Wood bee?

I say “finally” because I hope to do much, much more than just this one more thing, but I surely do want to finish this one, if any of “them” get done. Factor into that the idea that I might actually go ahead and add the vocal myself (not what I “want” but might be what the real plan is supposed to “feature” sometimes) and that might make it take another year, which is not in my viewscreen AT ALL. (not at short, either)

Enhanceth Thy Calmness, Honey (ETCH)™


might not want to leave this running unattended!

now, please, don’t get mad, just try to get “even” with me here, okay?

I cannot bear to hear it that way and never have anything else, like the real or next-best thing. This is better, and the song is “all there” unlike my sense of purpose or whatever aquatic mammalian imagery my doll fin went all flipper on me!

… now back to recording, if I succeed, not ever to suck seed…


About Galen

Nearly over some hills, still a fool on whatever this thing is where I stand
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2 Responses to Thirty-something Timeout (TT)™

  1. Galen says:

    *tries not to feel nervous* (when you smile and don’t say anything, I don’t know what I might have done so it might not be good) 😀

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