Nicked Nekton (NN)™


Thanks to some “kelp help” I figured out an anagram for Konnected Kin, where I got this pair of tunes (looping again they are, I am) and it makes pefectly purring sense to me and my cats (they have final disapproval on many things) to re-hear this, they already rehearsed it, and recorded/mixed it, and hosted/posted it, and so here it is again, the tunes must not stop until the day the music does get itself all died. It hasn’t really happend yet; Don was just “projecting” with that pie in the fact face of America (you remember, didn’t you write this book of love with me?).

Turns out that Konnected Kin is also Nicked Nekton, which could be my stage name, if I went on stage, instead of going off on life like this. The world is a stage, perhaps in its own final stage, where everyone wants to be in the front, possibly falling into the orchestra pit.


shall we dance, or was that donce?
…leading with my ellipsis here so awkwardly stumblish, so “me”


You remember this from just a few days ago when I was seeing double, don’t you? And if not, well, think twice with your mind’s eye(s) and maybe you can see double too! two! 2-2! Well, I do remember somethings…

Play on, my emotions…


About Galen

Nearly over some hills, still a fool on whatever this thing is where I stand
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