Al Qaeda Under Aqua (AQUA)™


al qaeda under aqua
ana equal qua adder

I like that title. Let’s fix it up more pretty-like.

Al Qaeda Under Aqua (AQUA)™

Did you ever notice that Galen Appreciates Loving Extra Niceness??? Maybe it shows, but also I can get “into” how ugly some things seem to be even when they look good on the “outside” so to speak. So if someone goes out of his or her way to be nice, it actually “scores big points” with this old goat. On the other hand, properly spouting off (with darker epithets when necessary) also racks them up big time. Some folks in this world need to be told off, and the blog-o-sphere is a great way to try to hook together all this disjointed unhappiness. My favorite comfort station here at WordPress is this guy here:

Angry 365 Days a Year
Angry 365 Days a Year

Water you guys trying to do to us anyway, is this summer and we are in this song now? I think you are allah wet! Yes that is how it might be; you/we generate your/our own essence(s) and then the atmosphere is charged with energizer bunnies we cannot see. We might think twice about belief in anything we cannot see as it might be the trick of invisibility which “everybody knows” there is no such thing as invisibility. Where is it, unless it’s everywhere?

So I have nothing really to say about the water boys in camel land. Those might be considered offensive words, but why? Is it “boys” or “camel” that makes it seem like “Galen is angry” or “does not like somebody” as it has often been claimed and then supposedly proved?

You tell me. No, wait. I’m not listening anymore. (I forget these small, recent changes that are not “comfortable” to me yet.)


About Galen

Nearly over some hills, still a fool on whatever this thing is where I stand
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