Wondrous Elliewelly — Dance In A Major — One Nice Delight (we-diAmond)™


She really is a stunning individual, in my very humble yet well-worded opinion (available upon request, or not!) so here she is again, in what I have “decided” is definitely my all-time favorite. Today it is so very true. Tomorrow, I may discover to have found another new old favorite, and some fairly high percentages indicate it could easily be one of these others of hers. She has boatloads more that I have not yet had any opportunity in which to listen and evaluate them. I am a very harsh, if not incredibly slow, critic of the best of whatever all of this is.

What is it, anyway? (it is WAS #08 in the box down there under this tree — until I took it down just now, 15:21 7/14/2007). merry xmas in july? oh, will the warm place freeze over next?


Wondrous Elliewelly Award Winning Epigram (WE AWE)™

message out of bottle said:

we awe (a brief moment in history, abmih ,or himba reversed)
[ wondrous elliewelly award winning epigram ]
glowing lawyer marine peninsula worldwide
okay, that seems like nothing connect-able so far. try another one then. these are not easy, it’s a freaking 37 letter damn-agram again, so I will possibly look for more than this next one (37 is prime)
umpire allowed original newlyweds warning
(god let adam and eve have further life, to be followed by death, but not anymore in paradise where nothing went wrong, for a long, long, long, long time — we must get back to the garden by stopping the savage hateful unwelcome deliberate DEATH dealings everywhere, really)
[ shudDder ]
okay that is enough for today, i need some ice tee, or tea or t

This one is deemed by me as best for me at this time in my life, which has not been determined to have any purpose thus far, because it causes (or seems to do) mysteriously delicious swellings inside of my chest, where there still beats the heart of someone remembering younger days that just went right on by while we lived them. This is happening now to others, who cannot tell new from old too well some of the time, except they are certainly able to tell what “old” means when they peripherally notice anyone like me. Not that anyone else is actually like me, but you probably know what I mean, or think I mean. Or you think you know. You know?
Gash, I hope this works and I don’t have to “moop” about it. This could waste some of my valuable and vanishing time remaining. I’m late. ML8. O stop that! So after I realize how much my five seconds were worth, I’ll figure out how to fix it. Make it work. Get everything to be “not wasted” like it has been for so long. Instead of saying “so long, sucka!” like the toughies teach us to do. Let them teach themselves…
(Since this one is #08 in that box you can play it with any of the others, or with itself by clicking on one of those. Using the first one (Crose Purposes) puts the beat to this one quite nicely, but you have to keep starting this one over. Or, use this one, which loops:

We just gotta get this thing right, no matter how long it takes! When so many things may “look right” the process drags on… draggy draggy 🙂


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2 Responses to Wondrous Elliewelly — Dance In A Major — One Nice Delight (we-diAmond)™

  1. Pootle says:

    HAHAHA! I wrote that for a bit of homework in 1993 or 1994. I didn’t even get a good mark for it – my teacher went on and on about the number of parallel octaves in it but I didn’t care! Next week I’m going to start a flute sonata, and have mentally begun my clarinet concerto (which I plan to write before I die).

  2. Galen says:

    okay, so why did I have to spell “Cross” the wrong way up there? (see it?) and not only that but… umm… music should have a few more characteristics so we can figure out keener ways to berate someone’s idea, don’t you think? you need to try using some unpararllel, more skewered octaves next time around with that elementary type of teacher.

    I happen to prefer keeping all of my octaves nice and parallel but you know who am I?

    😉 I think the point is sometimes being missed by the teacher and you’ll just have to agree with me if it happens again, and “take it” like I’ve never wanted to but did anyhow. I’m praying otherwise for you in this case: the teacher will hear it and your physical ability will be just exactly enough, and nothing extra (we who usually have “extra” do not realize it, sometimes, in many areas).

    HAHAHA is something I’d like to hear you say with a straight face, someday!
    ( ♥ )

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