Laying Out Changing Orders (LOCO)™


So my friend asks the simplest questions (or maybe I only think they are this easy to begin with) and I have the unmistakable tendency to be just somewhat wordier than others might tend toward doing. See? There it went again. Long sentence. Prison?


She wants to know how to change the background here since she’s not a whiz (or wiz, either) with HTML or (this is the key phrase) “anything” so she’s asking me. From what she can see, I know how to change my background, and I do it often. In fact, I shall do it before I even finish this post (except of course it is “sort of” finished since I am going to post it now) completely. Once I’ve changed it by doing what I am goind to say I will do, we will “see” if I am right about what works or does not work. That is usually what I try to “figure out” if it can be figured out. If it cannot be figured out exactly, then I want to know how the “rule of thumb” (rot) or any other technique is being used by others to “figure out” whatever it is they figure out.

If they can do it, why can’t I? That question has always been answered by that “still small voice” which somehow has guided me toward what it is I should be “successful” at doing and what I should avoid (since it will fail) if I want things to “go well” in terms of not being “doomed” which is something we seem to have as a central fear in our beings. We do not want our life to end in disaster, agony, or any of those awful things. We expect that doing well at living means it will end well. Well, maybe that is something that is “true by definition” and we just do not know it. Or, it is not to be learned until it is not something in anticipation anymore. Whatever the case, I am rambling again. This could kill me if anything does (all this rambling). So back to the lesson.


Right now I am using the “Pool” theme (in honor of the swimming pool that one of my invisibly connected buddies was hanging around a while ago) but I am going to change it back for awhile to the “Chaotic Soul” theme. These two are similar so the sidebar arrangement will not be changed (unless I want to change it) during the transition.

Some of the templates here use only one sidebar, some have two, and if you want to go crazy, be my guest, I’ll show you how! I’m using one sidebar, which has these widgets “installed” on it (you drag and drop them on the “Widgets” tab on your dashboard, which should be in your mental “navigation” bag of mind-tricks to get you “where” you need to “be” in this action). My widget set-up is:

Text 1
Recent Comments
Text 2
Blog Stats
Top Posts
Text 9
Text 5
Recent Posts
Categories 1
Tag Cloud

Once I’ve switched to “Chaotic Soul” I might move those around or change the contents of their variables (the “settings” on some widgets are accessed by clicking the little blue-bar icon if they have it) to make the layout actually look different.

That’s really the point if you can find it in all this: there are several factors involved in “what your page looks like” and the exact way to do what you want will depend on what that is. For now, I’ll just say that using the built-in templates and manipulating the header image (when the template allows it) and all the many widgets is the main technique-hodgepodge that gets your “look to change” on here.

This is all from the point of view of NOT writing any HTML at all, and certainly not anything like CSS (which means you’ll have to pay for the upgrade to premium) or Java, which is good since some of us actually want to play around in the “deep end” either sometimes (like me) or always (like the power programmers).

I want this to be something that both simple and complicated people can enjoy. Otherwise it is not “the thing” we all want to use for blogging, although it scomes pretty doll-ganged close, I’d say!


Next she asks about putting music on here. There again we have to choose which method, since our generous providers here have satisfied multiple requests and we can pick from among several. My favorite method is to locate someplace where the mp3 file already is hosted and must put the link into an audio “widget” variable, which is all explained in the FAQ here. That (using the online docs here at WP) is mainly how I pick up on the new things or the old things that have been implemented. The special widget for “Sonific Songspot” is one of the other WordPress ways to play one’s music, but I do not use it much after trying it breifly briefly. That has it’s its very own widget (also has it’s its (strike two, or is that four, six, eight?) own widget here) that will play on the sidebar. That is yet another way, along with using YouTube and ODEO as media sources.

I shall put those details in for you after I switch the background to a darker one. It is just too hot, and the sun is too bright today. That’s the only reason for my soul’s chaotic aura today (scat). Not pointless, just fuzzy.

[ audio= ]

=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+[ leave out the spaces there ]=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=
The contents of the audio widget can be simple, or if you want to adjust the colors you can go for more complicated. That is probably the part of the task (setting proper colors) that is not straightforward, and where someone might need my help, since I can “think in hex” and all that “cool” kind of thing. It is not cool, just something some people are good at, while others are not so good at it. First you have to try to learn something to see if you are “good” at it. If not, you can do something else. For some reason, we get “stuck” on what we “wanted” to be “good at” even if we are not good at it. This is not always such a good thing, overall, for everyone. We ought to be “good at” something we “also enjoy” instead of trying to be good at what we already enjoy.

Simple to say and maybe to think about it, but not so easy to do, yes? For this one we will just put in the link to the “Special Guy” that I am listening to “in theory in my mind yes?” where the voice is not there really. It just “sounds” that way! This is at:

So here is Tracy Clark again from South Dakota, only it isn’t really her.

She intends to wait for, to be ready for, to be acceptibleacceptable to Him. does five strikes make me fundamentally “out” now?
It’s really vast “out here” on the web. Huge. Yet not, really.

06:07 7/11/2007

Now we are using “Tarski” which may have gone into hiding at one time with Starsky and Hutch with undercover I at the Y there, you surely can see that can’t you? So with “Tarski” we get to “hutch” some bunnies at the bottom there, with the somewhat unique “Footer Widget” grouping, along with the “Main Sidebar” which is on the left in this layout. Sometimes the one and only main sidebar is on the right. But if it is on the left, it is the main one, or so we would think in the left-to-right western culture that tends not to know about the other cultures. (Comparing very well as it does to “darkness” which does not “know the light” we find that ignorance rules itself quite nicely!)

Now what we have in the layout-widget realm looks like this:

    Main Sidebar

  • Text 1
  • Recent Comments
  • Text 2
  • Akismet
  • Blog Stats
  • Top Posts
  • Text 9
  • Search
  • Text 5
  • Recent Posts
  • Pages
  • Categories 1
    Footer Widgets

  • Tag Cloud
  • Archives
  • Meta
  • Calendar
  • file sharing

Also I will (possibly) change the head on this again, but maybe not. It gets “old” if it stays the same too much. I have that same problem, except the getting old happens even if I keep changing things around a little to avoid staleness. After a while, there aren’t any “slightly different” ways to change me into a different me. It’s not like I can actually turn into something else, even if I want to (sort of) think about turning.

Turning happens verrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrry slowly.
–g (as –g)


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