God Loves You Praising Him (GLYPH)™


My memory of all this word-nexus that is swirling around in the cyber-mentally of some multiple-organism of organized thinking that wants to emerge, or so I have heard, from those who claim to be “part of the movement” that I am not part of moving along with wherever they think they are going. I heard one claim of being “told by God” to follow Him Africa-ward (HAw!) which made me wonder if this land really had (or has) become God-forsaken. I have heard that can happen, or seem to happen, also. Being abandoned by one’s creator (especially as an entire nation — eek!) would almost seem like being some kind of Cosmic Orphan Always Lonely (COAL)™ ready for the old pot-belly stove where they keep the “fire down below” waiting for the impatient. It seems all backwards somehow, don’t it?

So here is Rachael Lampa (or I am mistaken again in my searching and resulting “rescue” operations) in some kind of “gang” or whatever, reminding each of us one “really good way to think” if that is all you can manage to see it as being. It is certainly more than that, but blindness is in the eyes of the chooser-to-be. Be? Like, as in the future, we will be blinded by the light.

In God We Trust (as we must)

As with any of these “freebies” the breaking of the sources will result in “downtime” for any of the “players” laying around this garden, and it might just be that I cannot return to fix them. Nor will I explain my unending absence, whenever it starts. It is how it is, when the real end comes. Or cometh, with that iceman dude. Hope I have my id with me.


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Nearly over some hills, still a fool on whatever this thing is where I stand
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3 Responses to God Loves You Praising Him (GLYPH)™

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  2. tearsofmine says:

    I remember Rachel Lampa and her music.

  3. Galen says:

    I got her CD sitting her next to me. She keeps “staring at me” but the piece of paper has not her “soul” which is what I can hear from someone. And (if you don’t mind me admitting it) I usually have to make shure that I have given her enough A (whatever that is, but shure is a microphone aka mic or mike) and call her Rachael (like the Ray lady) instead of like my daughter.

    I remember my daughter, too! 😉 Say, did I mention that you “sort of but not really” remind me of her in some ways? Probably, but I forget to repeat myself sometimes… many times?

    I was wanting to put up “God Loves You” too but couldn’t find it already hosted, so this one was what non-existent “luck” said to use from one of Rachel’s own CD’s (she has the collection, I have the memory on this particular thing) or perhaps it is on more than one (I will be checking to find out if it’s on only one or more), and liked the fact that it has many voices of living water. Drink deep, it never runs out! Oh, mercy how true!

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