Maybe not. Maybe cryptic.

I should probably “wordsmith” the title like I usually do.

This is my day of rest. Can’t you tell? 😉

You figure out why this was the message today, of all days, before tomorrow, of all days. My mind has deceived me. What else could?

Source might be revealed, in due time. Meantime, how mean is this?

Sure, it’s rude, crude, bad attitude, but why is this how it “turned out” as what we had to show for “thus far” in terms of random selection?

SMS was something Layla used to “talk” to me with, on my cell, or pager, back when things seemed to be going rightly. Now, they seem otherwise, but yet they probably are better, since they are “more real” now. The past seems almost like it never happened. Of course, we know it did.

big air time sing mary sing cowbell

growing biblical games ministery

So if you do not know where all these came from, that is okay. You can ignore it, wonder about it, pull on that little slider thingy and adjust the point in time where “your awesome wonderous experience” takes place. Anything you want, including nothing. (Imagine yourself to have godlike — or godesslike — powers of WILL!! Not to be confused with willpower…) It’s all there, in a nice little package. Well, you might think the package is ugly, too. That’s your opionion my opinion word had an extra hole there . Obviously from what goes on here, the source for all of these is, was, and will be this wonderful web, where anyone can and will find files to share by linking, downloading and uploading, and generally transferring data to and from servers and clients, which is eXactly what the Internet was always intended to do. SO IT DOES. Not mysterious in the least.

That package is mostly just colors, moving around on the screen, isn’t it? That’s what it looks like to me.

Improvements I’ve considered included double/halfing the rate/size on either of the end pieces (cowbell sounds better faster) but that would take more work. Like I said, one day out of seven, I should probably give “it” a rest if I can figure out what “it” is, mind you!


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Nearly over some hills, still a fool on whatever this thing is where I stand
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2 Responses to SMS

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  2. Amy says:

    That’s not what I meant. I think. LOL. I’m sure you’d look wonderful in a monkey suit. That made me smile, at least.

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