Quality / Time (QT)™


We might make that as an equation (we will) and get to be all mathematical looking, with that fancy text latex in-line code widget thing I saw them mention back a while ago. I think that freelance writer lady I “stumbled over” here at WordPress has got some cool looking equations in her blog (with knitting and nature and cats and whatever science and math has blown in her face and lap); I haven’t checked for a while so that is not much help just remembering her, is it? But anyway, like this:


Reliability = Quality / Time


(pretty simple, really, it’s just one ratio)


We had been working on this slogan for our department (at that place where I once earned my worth in life), and then perhaps the logo to go with that idea, which was that “Reliability is quality over time” meaning (of course) that something continues to have acceptible quality over the long course of time, rather than just being good when new. Reliable tends to mean “as good as ever” and that sort of thing.

In some ways, we are each quite reliable and predictable. Other aspects of our “character” or “personality” or “soul” (if there is such a thing) are variable, like the weather. For some folks, this storminess seems to be greater than in other, calmer people. We like calmer people, unless they bore us to death (not literally) with their blandness.

Seems like some sort of battle, yet it isn’t.

Meanwhile, this gal is local talent. Sounds like she’s the female version of me, in many ways. Oh well, she is not that, since my imagination creates these silly ideas of “me” being like “someone else” when the gender difference is so freaking obvious as to make the “question” of equality impossible to ask.


or something.

moving on… (with a “prayer” that this runs and keeps running)

Bitch (Meredith Brooks)
http://www.emp3world.com/to_download.php?id=75352_…_(and if it fails/aborts/stops, I shall “replant” it with my “magic beans” from exotic and far-off distant foreign lands, or something!)_…_(july, baked bean month)_…_(more omnious neo-occult messages to come/follow…)_…_


So then this is from Kansas, round-about-ish, from old trails at Odeo, not Oz…

Anyway (Martina McBride)
_…_(same caveat)_…_(or caveats)_…_(as before, and then some…)_…_


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5 Responses to Quality / Time (QT)™

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  2. Amy says:

    No, I don’t mind you using the pictures. And thanks for the compliment, but I didn’t take the pictures…my mom did. So praise her for her good photography skills. I don’t have the pictures I took off of my computer yet, because I lost the cable for it, and therefore have to go get them “developed” before I can get them on the computer. Grr. And I’m a perfectionist, so I like the pictures to fit in the layout, and for everything to be all neat-looking. But that didn’t happen, so I’ll get over it. And I like to think that I’m good at several things, not just REALLY good at more than one thing, but… I have no clue. So sue me. (No clue where that came from.) OK, I’m going to stop rambling now. Buh-bye!

  3. Galen says:

    You are probably really good at so many things (this is where even a small number like three could be too many for any perfectionist) that you only imagine your inadequacy to be greater than it is. Remember, you are a perfectionist, so you’ll want to be certain that you do not go too easy on yourself when you cannot get the timing right. Your mom is at least as good a photographer as you are, is what I would ahead-of-time say, then. (now). 🙂

    You’re supposed to make the earth turn faster or slower so that the timing will come out right. Why don’t you do that instead of not having things when you need them? That’s what I always do: spin the planet up if I do not want to wait. Or, let it keep turning if I am willing to wait. That seems easier, so for now, I’ll stick to that. 😉

  4. tearsofmine says:

    *Waves* hi. hope you had a good day today. i am tired…not go to sleep tired, but just tired…and starting to get depressed again..but what else is new?…well catch up with ya later.

  5. Galen says:

    did you know that part of my good day was to have been able to see that you dropped by here, and then later to catch up (sort of, but not really) back at your blog, and all that? did you?

    well, you should have! 🙂 ♥ and as if it weren’t great to have already seen that Amy was here before you had time. and it is like “the old days” in a way, but newer. another 🙂 and ♥

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