Your Incredible Pecking Error Sentences You (YIPESY!)™


22:17 7/5/2007
Your Incredible Pecking Error Sentences You
=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+ OR =+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=
Coyly Creeper Recruited Bunnies Snookering
just needed to get that one off my pecks 😉

back to the stream now, up or down?

When the wrong kind of pecking gets done
He who lives by bad shooting eats his gun
Guilt is too heavy on shoulders of pride
What makes the old goat go off is snide

I should make a pole, or poll/survey, to check out Mr. J and his boner.




Sort of on the order in seeking to determine which sin might be considered (and therefore actually be) worse: one that is only of the mind, or one that is truly of the flesh? We know it is bad enough to think about “doing it” no matter what it is if it is something bad, but what if it is good, and the only thing bad is that you will never have that good thing, so you are looking on the wrong side of the fence. Your own things are what you should be happy with, at least some of the time, rather than “being on the way to” getting what you do not have and are not quite happy about it yet.

We’ll squeeze on that for a while now, to see if it pecks back at us.

Squeeze squeeze squeeze. (nothing happened that I can tell you)

Iceberg A22A, South Atlantic Ocean

I suck. Oh, how I really, suck. At life in general, fiddle of flesh being played badly with frazzled horsehair bow scraping the roof of my mouth is what it’s like, this peanut butter conspiracy we call life in the cherry pit bowl. Oh, it could be my bad English teeth, covered by the Ultimate Spinach. No way out of this mess I’ve eaten myself into, that’s clear enough, like a clarinet calling…

Really, I Do (RID)™ myself a lot of the time, of everything foul and useless.

(get it?)

Actually I was toying with the idea of the various ways a man can use his body, or rather one “unique” part of it (which every guy has) to do the “wrong” thing, and just “how wrong” those various misdeeds might be.

I know, I am just screwing around in my head again, am’n’t I? 🙂


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Nearly over some hills, still a fool on whatever this thing is where I stand
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3 Responses to Your Incredible Pecking Error Sentences You (YIPESY!)™

  1. defiladeunenlarged says:

    With just two names I am the Defiled Angler, so maybe it is only my rose-label that is off track? I need to get an avatar here, perhaps a pic of my PECK??? I had a brad and couldn’t keep it!

    and don’t y’all love to see how easily my invitations were ignored?

    nearly opposite (no) to how easy it was for me to “become someone else” and just go off into talking to myself in public again! babble blither mumble mutter 🙂

    It’s okay, nobody is listening, in the larger sense.

  2. tearsofmine says:

    how’s life over there on the west coast?

  3. Galen says:

    It (today, the weather) is quite pretty, and sunny, very lovely, and it all (life) reminds me of things and people that I know, you know? 🙂

    I just heard a song. Wonder if it was the same one?

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