I Like It Much Now (I LIMN)™


The situation (what little I know of it) seems rather pleasing at the moment, and probably it is not “justified” and I have “no good reason” for it but when things seem to go the way you think they will even with the “going wrong” aspect that seems ever-present, those that go astray seem to go where we might have thought they would, since folks were “driving blind” or “running around like a chicken with its head cut off” and those sorts of antics in coping with life.

It can really get going too fast to follow, but follow we must. Life does not really go on without you unless you let it do that by stopping dead in your tracks with legs that are too tired to move at all. But nobody wants to be at the tail end of the parade. Of course, the tail end of the parade is there whether anyone wants to be there or not. We all want to lead the parade.

Picture in your mind the sort of parade where everyone actually is the leader, and nobody is at the tail end. It might be written out like this, but it would not actually look like this:


so now the question could be, is this a very short, and/or very wide parade, and really now how many are in it?

I don’t see myself there anywhere.

What for (gimme da reason) are you looking at me in that tone of voice? Hhhnnnn???

Around these here parts today we’ve had again what are annually called the

General Canby Days

held on July 4 for the partriot Patriotic Connection (PC) we all enjoy more than anything.

I might work on that idea, find anagrams, songs, etc. Or, I might just “explode” soon!


About Galen

Nearly over some hills, still a fool on whatever this thing is where I stand
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