Random Example Displayed (RED)™


I have extracted this text from the blog of a young woman, one who is in no undue danger from using the web. Like many of her generation, she has parents whose concern include proper restrictions, so “keeping up” with her friends has been a balancing act, like it always is during adolescence. Nobody is perfect, but Amy comes pretty doll-garned close to it, lemme tellya.

She is, perhaps, guilty of underaged brilliance. Where it stands now, if you do not know her, that really is too bad for you, as far as this old geezer is concerned. She really IS worth ANYONE’s attention. But there are too many “bad” folks out there, so I would rather isolate her. This is how a parent might feel, so I try to understand things I cannot really.

When we got to Charleston and got settled into the hotel room, it was kind of late. We walked to an Italian restaurant for supper…it was past 8pm when we finally ate. Friday was jam-packed with activity. First we took a boat ride to Fort Sumter, which is about 4 miles out to sea from ‘Charleston. It was my idea to do that. It was interesting, but not as interesting as I thought it would be. Fort Sumter was where the Civil War began…Confederate troops fired from a fort on an island across from Fort Sumter at Fort Sumter, which was occupied by 85 Union troops. One interesting fact about Fort Sumter: It’s settled on a submerged sandbar. An island had to be built on the sandbar before the fort could be built. Next we took a horse-drawn carriage tour of the downtown area, which is historic Charleston. That was really interesting!!! The tour-guide/driver pointed out places of interest. Right next to each other, you would have a house/building that was built in the 1700s, next to one built in the 1800s, next to one built in the 1900s. I loved the carriage ride! We ate lunch, then drove to see the U.S.S. Yorktown, an aircraft carrier used during WWII. (Mom and I weren’t particularly interested in this…we did it for Dad.) We walked all through that ship; then we walked through a submarine. Next we boarded a U.S. Coast Guard boat. I was exhausted by this point, and my feet were killing me, so Mom and I stayed outside on the deck of the boat while Dad made a quick tour of the inside. By the time we got back inside Charleston and ate supper, it was time to head back to the hotel and get ready to leave.

And that’s pretty much it.

I love this young woman. I have been “stalking” her for years. Here is a random question, the type which I once repeatedly posed to my “front man” in the band. He would often wish to “knock my head off” and before he could do that I would remind him, what Amy knows like I do, only she is not as sure of herself as I am. When it happened, Larry would go put another hole in the wall. Later, he studied martial arts, perhaps so he could defend himself against walls, but not in order to learn how to fight my words off. We no longer talk, but he has registered weapons for hands, or is it the other way around. He also has dangerous feet. Mine are pretty safe. Not pretty, just safe. I have safe feet. Miranda Dillis wanted pretty feet. Who am I talking about, and giggling? Do you know? God does.

If I am doing what God wants and you go *against* me, where does that leave you? I would say something like “in hot water” but I really do try *not* to judge too harshly. Only for myself would I actually try to be *too* harsh, but not with others, who might know what I know.

Amy went to Fort Sumpter. That place was special. So is April 12 a special date, for me, and others. But it really is just another time and place we are getting all hung up on here. So, forget it.

Oak rap, did I say SumPter? That is not right, to write that way. It is Sumpter in other places, or palaces, but not at the fort place. That one has no P in it. Maybe it got away into the ocean. It is Sum Ter, as Sumter. There is no P. Not a single one, at fort sumter. Maybe the P got washed out to C?

per usual, after dinner treats on page two of this post of branchiness…

anagram goodies and treaty eats, agate

Random Example Displayed
(really turns into all these here)
slammed parody explained
“pyramidal” means “exploded”
apply indexed melodramas
sleepy middleman paradox
expanded loyalism damper
sloppy indexed marmalade
played Andromeda simplex
gibberish, or nonsense, eh?
:on any beach trip i bring back at least 1 agate
swish, or something, but without water

Plus this hear the smell gift for “I and S” in their bledded wiss!

Personally, I’ll rate always this example (PI-rate) as one really big xXx job, or bigger…
01:02 7/1/2007

perhaps that bad taste left in the mouth of your mind would be soothed by this relief from the commercially available past somewhere (caps):


i likes it, yes i does!
–t oops g


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6 Responses to Random Example Displayed (RED)™

  1. Amy says:

    Galen…how good to hear from you, and how flattering to have an entire entry dedicated to me. I do have one question for you… Do you realize how old I am now? Take a stab at it. (You might be able to find it at To Be His somewhere. *hint, hint*) Um. Where was I? Charleston. psh. Where am I? Who knows. Home. Bored. Gotta go back to work tomorrow. Can you tell that this comment really has no point at all? Wonderful. I’m rambling, and I have no clue what I’m rambling about. At least I know how to spell Sumter. 😉 Anyway. How are you? Why is April 12th a special day for you? And, honestly, I didn’t know all that information about Fort Sumter before we went on the tour. So I’m not all THAT smart. I’m done rambling now. I think I said that before, but then kept typing, but I MEAN it this time. You better not wait forever before writing back this time, please.

  2. Amy says:

    Went back and read your guestbook entry to me, and found I had more questions. LOL. Just like a woman to change her mind and talk MORE, huh? 😉

    How well do you think you know me? Cuz I feel like I hardly know you at all! 😦

  3. Galen says:

    Well, now, which one of those questions is *the* question? 🙂 You said one, and there are other wonderings in there, and you should never limit it to just one of those wonders anyway, so there! 😛

    I would put you at about 19, and if you want your diary link to show I will leave it there but otherwise, I’ll take it out. I am not ever steering anyone away from you now, of course; that was “the old Amy” of a couple-five years ago, or whatever it’s been.

    No, I have no idea who you are. (You could go see if anything is on April 12, but I am sorry to admit I did not post anything here on your b-day).

    Are you someone who knew JK, or something? 😉 I am quasi-king of sarcasm… or maybe just a wannabe!

  4. Amy says:

    Oh… um… I said one question, but then they just kept coming out and out and out and out and out. And I remember your being sarcastic. 😉 I’m used to sarcasm. LOL. So you were supposed to … ahem seriously ahem … answer them all.

    The only thing I can think about for April 12th is that it’s the day the Civil War began.

    And I don’t mind my diary link being out on the web. I never put anything in there that would give away my location, or what I look like, or anything like that. And I’d love to have more readers. LOL.

    You must have a very good memory… I just turned 19. It’s been YEARS since we first met, and I’m sure we’ve both changed bunches, but I’m also sure that in some ways we’re still the same.

    Do you have AOL IM still?

  5. Galen says:

    One thing we probably both remember is that I notice quite often you know more than you realze, or it seems that way to me. The firing of the shots on the fort is considered the start of that “civil” bloodbath, which still has echoes of righteousness trying to prove “who was right and who was wrong” in that disagreement, by golly. Some will claim it had “nothing to do with slavery” and that is a good way to make the past disappear: opiniated ignorance, exalted as wisdom. I could probably word that better.

    Jen had a birthday this year. I wonder who remembered it? She would mention it at concerts (significance of history on April 12) just to get the audience to use something besides their mouths and groins to get into the spirit. Oh shoot, so where is Chanute when you need it, blub blub?

    Know what I mean? And now, they still speculate as to who her “friend” is that she lives (in sin, presumeably) with now, hiding from us, her “loyal” fans who miss her so much.

    Yeah, right. Sarcasm is my expanded destiny, perhaps?

  6. Amy says:

    Wonder if you’ll find this comment now that you posted another entry? Guess we’ll find out.

    So April 12th is Jen’s bday? Hate to tell you and burst your bubble, but I never was much of a JK fan. I think I was just on the message board because somebody (Lindsay, maybe?) really, really wanted me to. So if you never want to talk to me again, I understand. 😛

    Ick, 2 minutes til my lunch break is over. I better finish up my “wasting time online” time. 😀 Take care.

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