What One Man Actually Needs (WOMAN)™


Never yet explained is how we actually survive without the benefit of something we needed, whether we knew we needed it or not, but time and time again (cliche!) we do this very thing, just keep going. Now, “If” (and maybe only if) the thing is actually another person, that person could take a walk at any time. I used to know someone that I still know, and the screen name (actually a journal name) was Walk By Faith. This idea has not walked away from us. It did not just “walk by” without becoming part of us. Faith is something that cannot actually be seen, yet when it is absent, that much is painfully really obvious. Looking back we might find that it was faith that helped us, or even caused us, to carry on. Funny thing about carrying on: if we have some really good porters, it helps more than anything else in the whole universe could hope to do.

Circumstances force the issues, so we carry on anyhow, not as if we really wanted to do it the way we have to do it, when it got messed up. My turning point at the hitching post (literally, my own non-private Idaho) was in ’79, which may or may not relate to the following musical couplet, which may or may not break (stop functioning) at a moment’s notice (not really any notice given) for no reason at all (have you ever had a moment come up and say “hey, pay attention here…?”), so click this thing here:


So then (one might ask), why should I fool myself into believing anything, if reality cannot be ignored?

(Probably Another Pointless Even Rhetorical Question (PAPER-Q)™ that I should have stuffed.)

18:18 6/22/2007 Note the addition of something to hunt for like an easter egg, now, after this, since we want to give attention to the woman, if we are allowed or supposed to do that and it is wanted and not unwanted, and (you get the idea)

go figure


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