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NOTE: (say, A-flat)

03:22 6/24/2007

Repairs are (slowly, surely) underway to mend broken spacetimefabric links. The two “Ben E. King” things are working almost like before, but not from that BILLBOARD folder. Instead, we still hear the same tunes, and that was the point. Two chart-busting singles in one year is not “the best” by any means — yet it is way beyond any thing my own experience would call “reasonable” or certainly not achievable by me or anyone like me. In other words, it seems like a miracle, yet it happened in the ordinary course of the “hit music” business of self-propagation. Of forms of “life” will tend to preserve their descendants security, or at least make efforts in that spirit.


03:14 5/31/2007

same guy both tunes wow now that is really quite good is it not? 1961

upside down year

Repairs not made past this point, probably, yet…

06:13 5/29/2007 (no notes here)

05:46 5/27/2007

Trio from ’62 (year of birth of ex) we have the combo 29-65-98:

Brian Hyland – Sealed With A Kiss
Roy Orbison – Dream Baby (How Long Must I Dream)
Peter, Paul & Mary – If I Had A Hammer

perhaps this is far enough into the past and now no further need to return exists? what really is this “existence”??? blankness rises again………

13:41 5/27/2007

Frankly, this is more like what THAT woman wants in her heart, I know it:

It was number five. Number five is a live. Pentagram. Pentangle. Pent.
(fundamentally what seems to generate many no-repents)


Previously posted:

(good doggie!)

perhaps it plays (pip!)

maybe it simply sits (miss!)

One Is Loneliest (OIL)

Like, I’m Easy! (LIE)

(chuckle giggle snigger)

this has almost no kinks (thank!)

as with all untested posted, this one is too, also, not guaranteed at all!

Certainly I would hope you did hear me say to keep looking for more, even if you heard it inside your own “head” where the shopping is good! 🙂

Oh, for the never-satisfied (such as myself, mice-elf, and swan) supplantings will surely follow. To play along with every one of these is what I do, only unfortunately for you (the proverbial “you” as we know it — er, you) the audibility is inadequate (you cannot hear me). So imagine as if one of the musicians is someone you know, actually playing right before your very eyes. This is what would happen if I got my way. I do not get my way. Do you get yours?

[ previously break for more here]

Is it 1964 again already yet, Mommy??

(ah ah ah ah i laugh backwards) No, but almost!? !tiaW

anagram a number here: nineteen sixty five OR infinite sexy event

Certainly it is my hope that the various web-site hosting locations that I have found to share these old songs from (from which to share them, that is) will stay there indefinitely (even if nothing lasts forever, or in statistical mathematics that would be assumed as approximately or exactly one billion years in a degrading orbital clock system). There’s a mouthful for your brain to chew on. (what?)
–g (again)

23:48 5/23/2007

2nd update already here, now it is ’64 by golly (bye-bye, by golly):

22:40 5/24/2007 (again, loop-loop or not)

Three in a row from ’63, this time! (well, time in reverse, emit)

NEW THIS TIME!!!! the songs in these old radio bites are:

Skeeter Davis – The End Of The World
Cascades – Rhythm Of The Rain
Chiffons – He’s So Fine

previously played (still playable, perhaps):

Crosby Stills Nash And Young – Woodstock
Three Dog Night – One
Keith Carradine – I’m Easy
Troggs – Love Is All Around
Pacific Gas & Electric – Are You Ready?
Supertramp – Logical Song

Beatles – Help
Shirley Ellis – Name Game
Beatles – Ticket To Ride
Barry McGuire – Eve Of Destruction
Beatles – Eight Days A Week

Roy Orbison – Oh, Pretty Woman
Dean Martin – Everybody Loves Somebody
Supremes – Where Did Our Love Go?
Al Hirt – Java
Manfred Mann – Do Wah Diddy Diddy

also we will move the “more” breaker around a little bit, for fun! (un-f)


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4 Responses to Spaces In Time (SIT)™

  1. tearsofmine says:

    Hiya. Just stoppin by to be astonished to see an update. 😀


  2. Galen says:

    [time is 14:03 5/24/2007]

    hwy? (i mean, why? instead of highway) well, i had a few minutes to do some rather automatic writing, as it were, or were not (was?), you see? (saw?)

    nice to “see” that you (or anyone but ex-pexshully y’all) can “hear” what I am (not really) saying with the (same-old-song-type of) oldies music if you have listened to any or all of it (perhaps merely refreshers for you, or even probably), the way I am reading it (by ear, of course!) or was, yesterday (all my tribbles…)

    always lovely to see you again my friend, I say!

  3. tearsofmine says:

    i did listen to some of them. 🙂

  4. tearsofmine says:

    i like this new look here. 🙂

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