Relatively Older Than Sin (ROTS)™



w/ reverb: “Ah, the sixties…”
i also had a silvertone amp, sigh…
six tens in the cabinet, ha! (stitch)
see? i can keep outputting (sicko)

try a random entry here:
random hippity-hop!!
and soforthandon
ear-candy, with cynical optimism in it:


Since that player will not function when any of the three files is missing, and the first one at TriPod has gone “poof” now, we will split out all the individuals so that at least the one or two that might not have gone “poof” will still treat us.

(Of course, this one will still be broken, unless m.j.lampen has returned the file, or TriPod has come back on-line, or whatever it was that caused the “poof” to happen.)



So, also, it seems like maybe this could still be used, but nobody will, I’d think, or predict, or expect… restored the contact-form widget (okay, it is not realy a widget, but a recognized element in the stream of tags…

go ahead, say something, this supposedly will send it to my e-mail for you, like a good servant messenger should so servingly do. but it seems like a blackboard more than anything, so watch out for that there chalk dust, by sneezy!!

added: 00:20 5/5/2007

She Is (SI)™

“happy trails, until we meet again…” for the first time if we indeed ever do!

* remember to always look for extra things not easily seen always*
03:35 4/28/2007 note that the player above has 3 songs in it, now NOT looping for the sake of triple monotony effects, but sometimes one of them gets “hosed” by the guys that lost the hockey game, I guess. Hosers. Fix the messed up rink, will ya? I haven’t got all eternity, ya know!

In case something breaks (besides “the ice”), individually you can play:

13:55 4/28/2007

Hey hey hey look funny somehow?

added: 00:20 5/5/2007

She Is (SI)™

Say Won’t You Say

By and By You Answer Me



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Nearly over some hills, still a fool on whatever this thing is where I stand
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2 Responses to Relatively Older Than Sin (ROTS)™

  1. tearsofmine says:

    hmm…am i to assume that you just had a bithday? 🙂 well if you did HAPPY BIRTHDAY. Shame that I am such a jerk that i forgot your birthday…….but i swear i’d forget my own if it wasn’t the same day as someone’s 😉

  2. tearsofmine says:

    *waves* hi.

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