No Explanation Again Really (NEAR)™


Trying to find out what went on while I was not able to pay attention is lots of fun, in a self-torturing sort of way. Sort of way, s.o.w., is that the distribution of seeds or the female pig? Sow the seeds, or feed them to the sow? Oh, how confusing, especially for a pig-head like me. But I digress, all runny-like. Maybe they will make some mental Imodium some day, and I can relax… ahhhhhhh.

So I found a really appealing picture. Fortunately I am (apparently) not really all that “normal” in the sense that going after what seems so very appealing (just from my eyes, which may deceive me) is usually not my first instinct or reaction. In fact, it might never be an instinct, or a behavior at all, if I determine something is really more properly considered “off limits” and recognize the wisdom of that arrangement. After all, I was allowed to participate in a portion of my own children’s upbringing, so it is possible that I actually *do* know one or two useful ideas that prevent accidents from happening in the predictable areas at the predictable rates, as if people are simply predictable, like sheep. In need of feeding, just like the real animals, but somewhat given to wild imaginings, is the flock of humanity. And for some reason, the older sheep do not want to become goats, even if it is inevitable. So looking back, I saw Another Beautiful Child (ABC)™ and had nothing to chose from but to do what I have done: stolen another image from the web, to use for “my own” purposes. (muahahahahaha)

*** Edit 12:49 4/24/2007 *** Insert Slideshow (they just keep on adding things and I catch it up here too!)

If you do not know who she is, then forget about asking me. Or, forget about getting any kind of straight answer, or any answer you could honestly call an answer. I will not answer any such questions. She is who she is, and has nothing to do with me. Not really, not now, not on this green earth. It is meant to be this way, and nobody knows it better than I. That sounds like bragging, doens’t it? Well, it is. So sue me, and stuff yourself with pride. I like the way that looks. Sort of like stuffy. Do NOT (I repeat NOT) confuse that with stiffy. Or Steffy. Et cetera… (you have to click to see her pic)

Again, click for full size at photobucket
Perhaps we will play songs together, when there is no air to be needed for it!


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Nearly over some hills, still a fool on whatever this thing is where I stand
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3 Responses to No Explanation Again Really (NEAR)™

  1. tearsofmine says:


    Well i hope your weather is getting better over there. Ours has been in the past several days. 🙂

  2. Galen says:

    Yes, indeed, today was lovely (like you and this similarly named young lady of web-days-gone-by, seen above) and something to behold, yet not to be held for long (it went flying right by, didn’t it?)

    Thanks for noticing, and thinking of us, and so on, an so forth! 🙂

  3. tearsofmine says:

    i think u should stop by my site sometime and comment. u dont do that much anymore. *sigh* oh well.

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