See How I Repeatedly Try Catching Up Things (SHIRT CUT)™


Mixing around with words is fun and with randomness I flopped upon the word-in-order blog here at the press place, and have just now (this morning) found time to even re-notice this north-of-here woman’s work again, and wish somehow I had found time, and could find time, to pay more attention, just on the screen of this here machine. Or you could, with yours. See, here is the YouTube she had on my dad’s last birthday, and now he’s in hospital with problems I am not mentioning here.

Actually I have mentioned little here lately. And, that seems to be the shape of things to come. Perhaps I shall be glad to be wrong about that part. But even while I have trouble keeping up, others are doing other things in other places, and it is good to know it now, and that it should be continuing. Like just a dozen weeks ago or so, it was coming to this. And now, we are here, going on to something else, whatever it is.

But I like the short and sweet type of song, or video, or anything, if the main idea can be brought out that quickly, why not? So it is only a coincidence that this person has a name that comes from the name Jennifer, like some other out-of-the-blue people that I might have ever noticed at other times, for entirely different reasons. Who needs reasons, especially if we have no idea what they are, other than “weird hunches” and “odd feelings” and “unable to explain” notions about this one or that one? Maybe somebody needs to manufacture a reason for me to do things, so I can decide not to do some of them. That might help. It would cut down on the seeming randomness, probably!

Sunday Edition IV

And unlike this old goat (moi) she has continued to show a disciplined method to her mission or madness or whatever blogging and video-webcasting has become for us (whoever we are, if we are actually anyone). So this would be the most recent, and if I have anything more to put up on this branch it might just be some referential treatment of the preferential kind, or something.

Sunday Edition XIV

Really, in the balance of things, what little I have to say pales in comparison to the volume being generated by the untold numbers of creative minds; it may simply be that “filtering” through the “random luck” process is all I am really useful for (in terms of benefit to others, even if only a few) making it easier to see those (what I would call) better ones “out there” which is really just a big electronic nowhere-land. That is, it ain’t no particular where a’tall! It seems to me like that is pretty much where I am headed, by golly!


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