Simply Offering Free Things (SOFT)™


Not charging anything for whatever I do is not the wisdom of practical success-oriented advisors and it does not resemble “what my elders tried to instill in me” during my formative years. Of course we often hear and say that learning never stops unless the mind is closed to it, and it benefits me to learn from my mistakes no matter how many or how few they may be. So as the struggle seems to continue whether times are “good ones” or not (and perhaps they never really are all that wonderful anyhow), the reassessment of past choices (for improvement’s sake at the very least) also keeps stride and offers opportunity to get stuck in regrets. After this long it seems more natural to bring the regrets along or else leave them behind, rather than staying there on “the road” with them and never moving on to what comes next, which is (as always) unknown and somewhat intimidating.

In the usual “good spirit” it seems that one more “selfless” act will be allowed, and the results (if any) will be added into this, the intentionally (as of this moment) final post in this blog.

Many other blogs will have more opportunities for attention (since only one time-experience is actually happening, and not all of the other imaginary possibilities that “might have been” up until the decision points are reached and passed) so the cessation of this “transmission” is only a local vacuum. The world of words will be unchanged overall from whatever else it might have been.

This is where I will put the other mp3 conversions of my friend’s compositions, unless for some unforeseen reason it is not wanted that way. But for the “unusual” among us, these kinds of things are more important and worthwhile than those things you can find some other “where” such as eBay or the web at large (which it really is, yet has no size at all).

Music, and nothing else. No more insightful words here, if ever there were such — unless (of course, it *is* possible) there are comments, or out-of-sync postings like this ver one, or “pages, not posts” on the sidebar, or several other ways of “not posting anymore” that make it easy to “not shut up really” even if someone (possibly with a nail-shaped name) wanted that to happen. It will happen, when it happens, the way it happens, because it should happen, and not because of someone’s wish.

What I do is not for sale, and it never was. Despite that fact, the status quo has it that we should be in debt to others with no concern for repaying it, since we have been given the free ticket. Unfortunately, that was really not what was intended by the gift (release from all responsibility for our actions) and so the slogans of all the grace junkies are now like poisonous asps preparing to strike.

Well, at least I did not claim to have that free ticket to rebel. That was “the BRAD” and his gang of Christ-humpers. That’s who that was. Those thorn-crown lovers and teasers. The funny-bunny hole-surfers in suits. You know who I mean. And of course, turns out after all that I am the mean old man. Well, guess what?

Flick you all. Up your bloody ascots (scarf-scarf! with a rumba hoax). Cheese us crust. What kind of fuel am I?

Here are the first two, which are also now on page 2, realistically resuming this pace to one-a-day, tops… as life tends to be that way somehow! And remembering not to skip at least some if not all of the ones in between the ones that actually get posted. Skip the missing ones, every time!

Note how these now sport proper titles and links so that the beloved readers (or frustrated and disappointed stalker) can easily (perhaps gaily) click over to ODEO™ and follow along while this particular podcast is growing (and you can bet that I’m particular!). Rather than “poke” each one into this place as they are completed, I will (hopefully this coming week, within the first fortnight of April) be able to present the entire eleven (if that’s how many there are). The only other other unpredictable singularity (we have been able to fathom) is that *some* of these purported “others” will show up in here (after being hatched over at that audio hosting place mentioned earlier, at least once) by this next Easter, which is coming round the mountain when she comes (and so on), but not through the rye. That is for bread, or whisky, or ergot poisoning/tripping. That’s what yer rye is fer! (at least sometimes it is…)

Did you catch that?

Isle of Ristol

Cross purposes

Real time: 07:14 4/7/2007

Fake time: 14:02 3/31/2007

(for the “record” or something)

added: 17:44 4/8/2007

first revision: 22:18 4/8/2007

second rev/upgrade: 23:50 4/8/2007 (more ODEO™ players for starters…)

THIRD rev/upgrade: 05:01 4/9/2007 (five 07:52 4/9/2007 (six more ODEO™ players for fuller filled feelings…)


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  1. tearsofmine says:

    hope you had a lovely Easter. 🙂

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