of course in my case the white is more like gray, or grey, or gr-hey?

We always smile here, eventually! See? 🙂

Our feline convalescent has returned. This is cryptic only (to the ignorant).

(andisay: poop on the totally ignorant evermore, pottie!)


03:13 3/25/2007

If you’d like to see the green screen initial shooting of this video, known as Take #1, with Al and his pal just workin’ it out on the fly as the thing happens the first time you do it, from which the final video was made, then click on past this and see the “behind the scenes” look which was actually (as far as I can tell) posted by the artist himself at the potentially not-so-legal but unquestionably ever-so-useful YouTube facility created by the interest of its own users (mostly) and not-for-profit-or-theft at all, when done by contributors. You need to add something to the mix, or the effort, or the body-of-works as it exists, ever-changing. And, why don’t I just shut up and put in the magic code snippet thing with brackets so we can see it on here? Huh? DOES ANYONE KNOW????

-more is at the main place, go and poke around, i’m tired, myself…-

update: 07:19 3/29/2007

I notice that I am not consistent — this reminds me of one Robin Trower tune
that we used to mangle, and the song which I would wish to make (or “do”) my
own “cover” version and post on here, this blog, a song called “Hannah” just
because it “occurred” to me that “someone” might enjoy this — [note: this has,
so far, been what might be called “babbling”] and it dawned in my darkened mind
that I should go back and put in links for things in likewise manners. Or, if
we could name our own place of residence, maybe we’d move to “Likewise Manor”
and be politely happy all the time (phatt!) and that’d sure be mighty nice!

So I put in the link on this one, for the green screen page right there at the
if you wanna look on a bigger picture area (like full-screen, if
you click through to that point in the “how far do you want to go?” journey…

We call life?

“Oh, Life? Are you there? Hello, Life? Eh? Anyone?”

(no reply)

On a lighter, more realistic note, someone I know (she’s 17) now has HERPES.
God Loves All Sinners, Surely (GLASS)™. My heart breaks, to no avail (or, to
Noah’s veil if he liked to “drag” in his big keeler thingie, ark-ark!). With
my tears, I could play that “choking game” like the smart kids are doing, and
again, like they did back in the 80’s, and before. Nothing is new. Just newly
dressed, to look like a “brand new, great idea” so we will “go for it” again.

Drink deep, the gathering gloom.
(you may await/expect one “holy” thought-kiss for knowing where it’s from)


About Galen

Nearly over some hills, still a fool on whatever this thing is where I stand
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3 Responses to Oh Boy It’s WHITE AND NERDY (OBI WAN)™

  1. kayla byle says:

    funny i love it. it is the best

  2. tearsofmine says:

    weird al singing that song always makes me crack up.

    glad to hear T. made it home okay.

  3. Galen says:

    thanks, and thanks, and thanks… (T)

    maybe when the bad news
    bears leave us alone
    we actually will be
    except not really, of course

    i wonder what i meant by that?

    ( 🙂 )

    i like the green-screen version more
    because of how donny signs rotflol
    almost too quick to follow
    like some people i know
    (almost) or is that donnie? i ƒorge†…

    ( 🙂 )

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