Love, Only Love (LOL)™


14:46 3/8/2007

Anyone can tell me I do not know about love. Sure and true, anyone is able to claim it.

On the other hand, I follow those who are the most wise.

Sisterhood is something that some brothers understand.

Even if they cannot really “be one” they could know a few.

Lucky is a word they use for that happenstance.

Maybe for me, it would be, but I think otherwise.

If any would harm either of these children, though they now be grown, I shall wish to harm that person or persons. Of course, anyone may remind me that, rightfully, justifiably it is true, that I should NEVER (I repeat not ever) wish to harm any person, especially those whom I do not even know. Even so, I project ahead to someone “unknown” to me who might wish to harm the human beings depicted below. However, I know (in a vague way) who they are, and thus they are protected, even, in a way, from my protection since they do not need it. Yet any who would harm them are the ones that should think I have them “in my sights” since these whom I show here are ones I that love (or so the feeling goes), and hence would be forlorn and “lost” without them (even though they are not really mine, it is as if they had been, at one time) and thus my life would be over if something happened to them.

You might (with some degree of accuracy) conclude that abandonment has been a factor in my life somehow. Losing someone is tough enough, but when they depart willingly (or worse: willfully!) it stings most of all, and might try to present itself as “unbearable” somehow (and “it” would win the battle, in that case). The safest course would be to refuse any sort of “mutual” relationships, just in case it is “another one of those” and we learn again what we already knew, like the dumb ass we did not want to admit we were.

(isn’t that funny?)


Forever -- *started* a long time ago, too!!!!


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2 Responses to Love, Only Love (LOL)™

  1. staticinmyhead says:

    Beautiful babies those are. 🙂

  2. tearsofmine says:

    Well I’m going to assume you are going to know who I am…and so yes I’m starting over. 🙂 Do hope you stop by sometime.

    Starting over can be good…eh?….

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