Veda Ju?

06:55 3/7/2007
We have the “new” controversy at hand here in the “pacific” northwest, where the two life-partner women (who have just started their “new” family, with toddlers in tow, presumably one “key” part of what is — albeit not yet in the “eyes” of the “law” hereabouts, nor mine really as they are not authorities anyways — “new” in their wonderful yet newly troubled “family” of unified love) and they are “accustomed” to “facing obstacles” so we can see that this “new” thing is already getting old for the two young women with children and no need for any husband of the penis-wielding variety. And we know that with faith they will receive their reward (if they do not do that for each other in the secret places already, as they should)!

One can rejoicing realizing they will be able to “produce” more babies with each other, and not wonder if the other one “used” anyone else as the “vessel” since they themselves would never ever cheat on anyone or anything (of course, they can still lie to each other if they want to have a nice, exciting love affair with a third woman, as well as “with” each other in passionate sharing of bonding and foreverness, like all the other “L” people eventually did, among those I have ever known, with my good fortune to be “loved” by many, mistakenly). That was a long sentence, which is bad enough, but you need (I do) two to make a decent paragraph, supposedly. So there! Take this fourth one one (forth), and put it at the end (tail, not head) of the first ¶ so it has two, if you please (being correct, anatomically ,policically, naturally, b-cap’n).

Praise GOD for this (unless atheism is yours)! We can rejoice in our own new oldness, again and already!!!! (Nothing remotely like this has never happened before in any 21st century, ever!)

(or not)


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2 Responses to Veda Ju?

  1. Jenn says:

    ah, well here’s to a quiet, uneventful controversy, if there must, indeed, be one at all!

  2. Galen says:

    Usually that’s the “ongoing” part of it, if we should not (still) be having any controversy, when it is basic to the history of humanity to find ourselves in this “boat” where sharing makes wonderfulness become more of itself so that it may continue, knowing that it is for the common good, and “the children” as we call them and ourselves. It is like a new-old (non)problem that keeps on “just now” showing up. or else it does not do what i just said. and here i go again trying to say it as if it makes sense, too. 🙂 Thanks for mentioning it, by the way!!!

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