Hearts Throbbing: Two Pages (HTTP)™


is there such a thing as spiritual VD???

started: 09:13 2/14/2007
Since it really is valentines day, this might be for love?

Stop, in the name of stopping… no, don’t! http:// haitch tee tee pee colon slash slash

That would really hurt, wouldn’t it? Colon: slash/ slash/

Ouch!!! (that’s in English)

I did this to see if it gets me any page hits, or if I feel them, or anything now. Not really a big deal, or even a small one. Less than zero, perhaps. You gotta post something every so often or the attention factor disappears. That makes since, if blogs are better when they show how other things on the web are related (if the term “weblog” has something web-related in it, that is). This was an old discussion at one time, when we wanted to have something on the web that was not just “about the web” because at that time life itself was not so tangled up in “the web” like it now is. And it does not wish to stop the tangle.

I just NOW (13:56 2/14/2007) finally finished actually being able to listen to the
full DDR podcast. The reason it takes this long is that it must all be streamed in one piece, in one session, or else it must be downloaded and then played back locally on my machine. At least, that’s how it behaves (it fetches the data from different redirected addresses each time), so I must take longer than the length of the program (it’s almostOVER 30 minutes) to get it into the temporary buffer so’s I kin lissen to the hole dang thang!!! Of course it has to end with (wouldn’t I know it?) Young Love… sigh I remember that, too.

DDR means different things; if you were in the hardware end of the high-tech industry, you’d think of double data rate memory devices, and the two-phase clock signals used for the double-pump. Otherwise, here it meant something about listening to the radio in Detroit. Here in Oregon, we have an artificial lake with that same name. This is what I call “cool, man” since I am from over the hill, where apparently I mostly died long ago.

(no wonder I stinketh to high heaven!)
note: edited at 15:12 2/14/2007

note: edited once more at 16:15 2/14/2007
this is funny, i like or love it iloli, yes ah do ah yada

Let’s all hear it for the AV guy!!!
Maybe I am mostly idiotic (Miami?), or the AV guy…

SO I HAVE PICKED OUT THESE (sorry I’ve shouted there, it’s the age-hormones kicking in, natrually, where is my ear-horn dag nab it anyhoot) ones that I thought suited my unfit remainder of something:


It’s like one of the penta-something deals, maybe to suggest five pillows for resting the head of Izzy the Lamb (nobody real, just another random idea thing). You can (ought to) go pick out some yo’sef’! It’s fun, like those sexy name things we did a while back (I’ll go back and find it instead of just bragging about it).

Saint Hearts Day, we shoulda/woulda/coulda called ‘er, if that hadda been the love-dude’s name.


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Nearly over some hills, still a fool on whatever this thing is where I stand
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2 Responses to Hearts Throbbing: Two Pages (HTTP)™

  1. fracas says:

    Hi g.

    If you want hits, just stick the words “crotch shots” in the title somehow and voila!

    Sad isn’t it?

    Or how about this one… mamaVISION is a link on my blogroll. Her blog is her efforts to help girls with anorexia and bulimia. She’s a former model and posted a post called “I accidentally posed nude”. Within hours she was the top blog at WordPress, totally a shock to her.

    Anyway.. now I shall go snoop around your blog.

  2. Galen says:

    hey, there

    I really do not know what I want, but the “mountain chart” or the panorama going by slowly on the chart recorder (blog stats graph) is interesting, along with all the disseminate-able info they’re giving us now. I’ll try that crotch-shot thing maybe, since I’ve seen them everywhere (like even Carmen Miranda got caught on camera a few times) so maybe why not, or maybe not why? Or, yeah… look around, maybe say something if you need me to go act stupid somewhere (I do that, but have no idea why you’d want such a thing).

    Thanks for the words. They mean much to me. Even if they shouldn’t, but that’s really a stupid concept (I think). You’re unusually good to have around, but I didn’t know that before now.

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