Something Interesting Delayed Extremely (SIDE)™


This is the second episode of someone’s podcast. Make that sometwo’s podcast, since two is more than one, and is not the same as one. Unless, of course, the two are getting along so well that they can harmonize (or harmonise) and synchronize (variants are many) and so forth and on.

These are two individuals who, although on “the surface” would be completely unlike me in most of the ways you might want to consider comparing any two or more humans, they are, indeed, my sisters, in the way that they are each others. And, since I am of the XY variety, I am their brother.

The simple fact is, we should either enjoy knowing that, or we should ignore one another.

Or two ignoring one. Or one ignoring two.

You can figure out the permutations yourself.

Here is just one of those ways of arranging a set of things: one single item by itself.

Episode II – Terminology and Brushes with Fame on Odeo

Simply using the ODEO™ device in your blog here with the square brackets is good too!

This is linked through ODEO™:

This in turn streams from a site where I once hosted things, but it is no longer “free” to me:

It happens to be their second episode. The whole podcast is here:

Sisters’ Podcast: It Bloggles the Mind! on Odeo

I should like it better if I were to decorate this entry (I was going to give it a “rest” today, too!!!) with their more links to the podcast episodes, or the blogspot blog (hint hint, they could migrate to this place now), and graphics
knowing and seeing and saying
and all that, but I am getting tired, too soon, again. Why?? I want to do more than I am able, and it seems like “there’s nothing new” is repeated.



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