See How Incredibly Dumb I Am (SHIDIA)™


Maybe if I get my eternal name that will be it. It rhymes with Lydia. Quieter version, to keep me from opening my mouth and outright confirming the rumors (dementia, from pre-partum is my real middle name!) and then the fun will (would) be over. Me no likey that idea, no no no non non ooops my french (i know none, really)!!!

Amie, what’cha wanna do?

That is a cool song, which I will make playable here, as soon as I find a good place to get it to play from where nobody can steal it. Looking through the window is okay, but breaking the glass is not okay. That’s sort of the analogy. The owner does not want the contents to be removed, or threatened by anyone or their action. So, anyway, this ewer (pitcher) full of nothing is me when I did not pay attention to the proper details, and knew less about “podcasting” than others did (and was aware that I knew less) and now know more than before but yet I know not nearly enough yet.

So here is for my neighbouring brothers and sisters (and their parents and children) more northerly than I am. Physically, geographically, we are separated. That is all… or not all…

As soon as I get the sample rate set right, or whatever it is that I have set wrong, this won’t sound so much like some over-the-hill hippie on crack and meth and everything crazy like that stuff is!

O Canada, or OCA NADA (ON)™


Now, maybe I will re-do this thing, so it sounds somewhat “okay” to most anyone (including me).

(it’s all about me/not-me)

23:31 2/12/2007

(please work this time!)–g


About Galen

Nearly over some hills, still a fool on whatever this thing is where I stand
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2 Responses to See How Incredibly Dumb I Am (SHIDIA)™

  1. Jenn says:

    aw, I tried to listen to the crack-meth (or not) rendition of our anthem (because the ones they usually play at the hockey games are rather boring), but there is an error and I can’t hear it!

    oh well.

  2. Galen says:

    My fears (so scared am I) were along those lines. It maybe be browser related (I do not always check with IE and use something “else” normally) so now I am adding in a second possible method (as opposed to doing the “right” way if there is only one).

    Do you know how unusual it is to get actual, useful and constructive feedback?

    Probably you do know that. If not, lemme tell ya…

    Let’s see if this works now, and also let’s see if I get around to playing it and putting it up on here at the right tempo, so you could sing seriously if you wanted.

    Or not, of course! 😀

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