Being Only Three Here (BOTH)™


This could have become my quarterly quarter quad quid pro quo? WHERE IS QUOHOG??? (chuckle)

So then ’tis merely me paltry trimesterly trisected trifeckta, or something. Howe’er ’tis sposeded to bee spelt1!!! When yer makin’ it up and “on the fly” to boot, it cannah be wrang!

Okay, that’s babble ramble blither blather. Only three songs in this “sound snack” and not many written words from my own effort offered, where maybe I’d explain or reveal something. That contrasts with having any locked entries where folks need to know how to type in the password, or passcode, or key, just for the privilege, if it is really any privilege. It might not be something worth seeing inside the hidden place, but the “wall” makes it seem like it might be. That part right there (the imaginary good/evil behind the locked door) is something that comes from “somewhere” and either one ignores it or one finds the way to learn how to get around or see around the obstacle. Sort of like we can “decide” to “be happy” with whatever happens, and yet not by being completely satisfied or else we would just stop, sit there, and smile blissfully forever.

Maybe we’d be drooling, who knows?! Sounds rather mindless, simply being “happy, just because” but in some ways, that is just exactly what, and all, we really can do. Make the best of things…

  1. Come A Little Closer
  2. I Wanna Fall In Love
  3. Right Here Waiting For You

Most importantly, these are all ideas which have 100% fictional value, and only some small non-zero “truthful” non-fictional value, only in some cases, where real people are concerned. To spell it out, personally, for me:

  1. Do not come closer. You are fine where you are. Same goes for me.
  2. I do not want to fall in love. That has happened too many times already, and I have learned well.
  3. The only reason I am right here is that I have to be somewhere, and nowhere is actually better than where I am right now. (This implies that if “nowhere” were some place to go, I’d go there!)

You can wonder, or pretend, or imagine if you wish to do it, that I really am waiting, just for you in some way that you’d want me to do, if you want to put that in your future outlook. Setting expectations is important, especially if reaching goals is to give that satisfaction of success we have (many of us) felt we would attain as adults.

For all we know, you could be right, anyway. As long as I do not die really soon, it is possible that you are right, and we’ll actually meet. Otherwise, you’re wrong. Sorry. The road ahead for me includes almost nobody that I know, as far as I can tell, and this is relatively recent. Most of my life I have known who “my people” were and they knew who I was. Now, it feels like “alone” is the tone. Waiting. Waiting so patiently.

That’s how it works. I like these songs because they stretch my imagination, beyond reason.



About Galen

Nearly over some hills, still a fool on whatever this thing is where I stand
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2 Responses to Being Only Three Here (BOTH)™

  1. staticinmyhead says:

    alone…yeah i know alone all too well.

    i hope peace finds you, or you find it. 🙂

  2. Galen says:

    oh, and it does, for short spans of time, and you have a way of being “in cahoots” with it. how i know you understand the feeling of nothing but “alone” even in the middle of the crowded life of little and large puzzles and dependent admirers — even when we resent or regret, we might also have admiration that does not die out completely especially in our own family — you could be surrounded by people and be the only *you* since in fact you are.

    the only you. i hope peace lets us both see that it is there, waiting for everyone, and soon! the music helps. you help. thanks again. i gotta get myself a real life one of these days! 😀

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