Run Around Myself Again (RAMA)™


Maybe you’ve had that feeling you are (have been, will be) running circles round yourself, ‘cause if’n you haven’t yet, you are overdue, and building up a backlog. I have sometimes (if not often) worried about having a backlog, and worse yet, having one that is huge. Could be painful if it catches up with me, or if I have to carry it, like up over my head, and stuff. If I drop it it might crush me. My stupid heart (the cheater) might get in the way and go flat, as well. We know what’s beneath all that, too, so let’s not go (down) there (shall we?), okay?

I forget (or lie about it) when it was that I first put this page in the main stream but it is on the sidebar over there under its own thing, AYE, as you easily will see if you look. I cannot force you to do anything (unless you let me, or unless I have to, meaning someone else forces me to force you), since I am not “with” the force, whatever the force is. That is like how I am not “on” the force, and was never “in” the armed forces, nor was I in the ones with legs, whomever they may be. I do not want to know (unless I am required, or forced) to know. If I did not mess with the timestamp on the original, it was “sometime last year, near the end of it” where the variable X has not actually been named. (Have fun with that one!)

Al Yankovic Eyes (AYE)™


No doubt I would love to spend more time being a “true”
Weird Al Fan (WAF)™ but then I would not be weird too.
Well, not my own weird, but a mixed-mode werid.

Wired, I meant. Werid is not weird, driew! (there was
this guy named andrew at tektronix when we started…)

AlCast episode 1 on ODEO™ is here… listen sometime on their site…
AlCast episode 1 on ODEO™

Or check it out now:

Perhaps I’ll put Al at my front door for now. Not has
a recent comment been heard but once, like him, some
would sometimes say. The eyes. Windows. Vista. Hmmm…

Something else later, perhaps.

We’ll see.

Won’t we?

(lettuce laugh ants sing now!)

What was I talking about? Was I talking? If no one is here, should I shut the (non-existent) Hell up? It’s in Michigan, you know!!! What I like about WordPress is that I cannot find which one thing to say first that I like about it. For now, I like it that I (once again, thank G♥D!!!) saw (have seen, will try to see) someone who shows that migration is not like “leaving” so much as it is like “enlarging” and “expanding” into a much more “right-sized” world of internet communicating. We all got “man of the year” awards last year for doing what we are doing, even if we (not me personally) are Canadian, or Mexican, or from the larger land of Elsewheresome or neighbouring Wherever. But I like being able to “use” this machine as if it were meant as beneficial for more than one “user” at a time, and possibly to be something that almost “never” is used for selfish purposes. Sure, it would not “come true” for anything to be so “perfect” but that (according to me, and not only this one person) would be the wrong reason for not ever trying to attempt “perfection” which we cannot quite attain.

What I like about this (WordPress and the “tools” they have created for the community at large in beneficial sharing) is that I can also do it the more streamlined way as well (after rechecking the source for “supply” and “reliable” and such considerations or premediations), if I have taken time to find the “hooks” or the “strings” or the “keys” to building the code to put in the blog entry, which is the “unseen” part that most ordinary folks do not bother learning how to do. I bother. I bother to care. I bother to pay attention. I figure I may as well pay attention, if it really costs me nothing (other than caring) to do so. If the source is broken, I actually know that fact sooner, and have a smaller “disappointment” to put up with, or up with which to put, that is, or should’ve been. (Was it?) If having only part of it is satisfactory enough (for some low-aimer like me) then we can go ahead with it, or get the ridicule in a “smaller” way at least!

To know him, is to love him, if I did, or imagine that I could. The pic is enough, actually!

And I do (and I do).

Yes I do (you get the idea…). One thing puzzles me now is that I am not sure if this is really episode one (as I had earlier claimed it to be). Oh well, another “first mistake” I made, after all is said and done, which it is not, YET!!! 😀 Did I mention I adore WordPress? I can easily switch to two posts per page, and put it back later, if I feel differently “that day” for some reason.

08:14 2/9/2007 ←Time of most recent mini-epiphany (no breakfast w/ Tiffany, however!)

Well, since time marches on the crawl toward the bent horizontal straight line edge of the world that is always backing away from my approaches (and the sun sinks slowly in the west…) it seems there are two episodes, one of the originators had another “calling” but the heart of rolling rocks are still beating up the roadway as we speak silently with our fingers, so here is the first one, actually, really! However much of it, anyway:

It happens… or it imagines itself to happen, well enough!


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4 Responses to Run Around Myself Again (RAMA)™

  1. staticinmyhead says:

    *waves* hi. we’re all still alive…just letting you know. i like the ‘new’ look here too. or is it the old one you’re using again? 😉

  2. staticinmyhead says:

    thanks for stopping by MY site! and btw, i adore the movie, breakfast at tiffany’s. 🙂 but then again you probably already knew that.

  3. brightlightwarriornika says:

    lOL too CuTe!

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