She Wants Another Nicer Guitar — Pictures And Songs Twice (SWANG PAST)™


Ibanez EW20ASE, Exotic Wood Figured Ash Cutaway Acoustic-Electric Guitar, Natural

Ibanez EW20KOENT, Exotic Wood Cutaway Acoustic-Electric Guitar, Natural

Funny, I have wanted, and never gotten to buy, dozens, if not hundreds or thousands, of really nicer, finer, more excellent guitars, superior to any I have actually been allowed to approach, much less defile with my own two doomed hands. Perhaps “wanting” these wonderful things to become reality in our lives is natural enough. Genius? Are we enlightened by our wish to experience life to the fullest? Maybe if “we” say we are… but I say that is darkness shining on itself.

Such as, for example, I never owned, or played on, or even touched, a Taylor. This, for some folks out there, seemed to have been thought of as an achievement to foster pride. This, to me, is materialism trying to pretend to be spiritual. If you actually *must* have a guitar, then you *must* never be happy until you get your hands on one. Better be sure not to die too soon, or that would mean you really will *never* be happy. How can unfulfilled wishes make anyone happy?

Perhaps, then, such things will never be in my eternal home. Fine with me!!! Who nees unfulfilled wishes? Did I not receive enough of them from trying to be someone’s partner? (answer: YES!!!) Now let us see if anyone else can unfulfill any of my wishes. (or, stop doing it!) One sign would be if one of the K people could get that one or two cell brain of hers to remember what she has not completed doing, and remembering, and behaving as if she ever really cared. For my soul, she cares only about her own K self, and nothing else really exists of any importance.

Amen to that. Include my own death. For that (my mortality) is all I will promise anyone, ever.


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