Booby Sea Dream (BSD)™


Anagrams added post-facto, or something, at 00:19 1/13/2007

[booby sea dream]

[are does Bombay] [road some abbey] [year boom based]
[door base maybe] [door same abbey] [by areas boomed]
[bye some abroad] [see road Bombay] [boy seem abroad]
[same obey board] [bye some aboard] [yes read bamboo]
[are moods abbey] [are dose Bombay] [room baby eased]
[some baby adore] [does boar maybe] [boy seem aboard]
[may obese board] [be boom daresay] [as abbey moored]
[base boom ready] [same obey broad] [yes dear bamboo]
[soda more abbey] [or eased Bombay] [easy boom bread]
[see yard bamboo] [year boom beads] [may obese broad]
[say bear boomed] [red easy bamboo] [ear does Bombay]
[my obese abroad] [mood babe years] [odor base maybe]
[odor same abbey] [mob eyes abroad] [era does Bombay]
[as adobe embryo] [beam body arose] [mode baby arose]
[so abbey roamed] [yes dare bamboo] [yes baa bedroom]
[as abode embryo] [bead boom years] [army oboe based]
[mood year babes] [does babe mayor] [does roam abbey]
[say bare boomed] [yes Arab boomed] [aye based broom]
[are bays boomed] [bade boom years] [easy boom beard]
[bar easy boomed] [are dyes bamboo] [be adobe mayors]
[my obese aboard] [do erase Bombay] [as erode Bombay]
[base bear moody] [ears mood abbey] [boy base roamed]
[mob eyes aboard] [may sober adobe] [say reed bamboo]
[say deer bamboo] [are moody babes] [are soya bombed]
[more bays adobe] [door seam abbey] [mob years adobe]
[be abode mayors] [dome baby arose] [some bray adobe]
[road obey beams] [bob easy roamed] [may sober abode]
[aye mode absorb] [moor baby eased] [more bays abode]
[bay base moored] [mob years abode] [bob eased mayor]
[may robes adobe] [base bare moody] [bees body aroma]
[easy bomb adore] [mood baby erase] [doom babe years]
[some bray abode] [dose boar maybe] [boy drama obese]
[boy beam soared] [aye bomb soared] [year babe moods]
[soda bore maybe] [bad mayor obese] [baa does embryo]
[may robes abode] [dry ease bamboo] [yes baa boredom]
[eye mobs abroad] [easy boom bared] [easy beam brood]
[ray base boomed] [aye bread bosom] [year bead bosom]
[doom year babes] [roam obey based] [say babe moored]
[beam obey roads] [Arab obey modes] [year mobs adobe]
[year bade bosom] [seam obey board] [soda Rome abbey]
[does babe moray] [boo reads maybe] [aye dome absorb]
[days oboe amber] [ears doom abbey] [bay ears boomed]
[sob area embody] [ebb areas moody] [aye bread booms]
[aye bars boomed] [ear moods abbey] [ear dose Bombay]
[days oboe bream] [year mobs abode] [year bead booms]
[Adam obey sober] [arms obey adobe] [soda robe maybe]
[boo ready beams] [may oboe beards] [eye mobs aboard]
[rod ease Bombay] [era moods abbey] [era dose Bombay]
[ere days bamboo] [beam boys adore] [year bade booms]
[mare boys adobe] [soar mode abbey] [boy adore beams]
[boy soar beamed] [day babe morose] [ray seed bamboo]
[soy area bombed] [aye soda bomber] [ado easy bomber]
[army oboe beads] [easy bead broom] [mode obey Arabs]
[arms obey abode] [seam obey broad] [sera mood abbey]
[boy smear adobe] [bay eased broom] [bay boom erased]
[bay oboe dreams] [bra easy boomed] [aye beard bosom]
[aye beads broom] [aye adore bombs] [aye boom beards]
[bees Arab moody] [easy bade broom] [doom baby erase]
[Adam obey robes] [mare boys abode] [dose babe mayor]
[dose roam abbey] [bob eased moray] [aye brood beams]
[ado sober maybe] [doe ears Bombay] [Arab boom seedy]
[soda Boer maybe] [oars mode abbey] [boy mares adobe]
[boy smear abode] [boy oars beamed] [bay morse adobe]
[aye reds bamboo] [ado base embryo] [beds obey aroma]
[Arab obey domes] [oboe beam yards] [eyed boom Arabs]
[bad moray obese] [baa rose embody] [aye beard booms]
[ems obey abroad] [boom bray eased] [eyed Arab bosom]
[odor seam abbey] [boy mares abode] [bay morse abode]
[sob adore maybe] [boo base dreamy] [dye ears bamboo]
[aye soar bombed] [sad eyre bamboo] [ado robes maybe]
[Rome bays adobe] [soar dome abbey] [aye roam sobbed]
[ado aye bombers] [yard oboe beams] [dome obey Arabs]
[oboe bays armed] [eyed Arab booms] [soya beam bored]
[Rome bays abode] [ears babe moody] [boo bay smeared]
[bob aroma seedy] [aye bared bosom] [aye oars bombed]
[doe mayor babes] [ear bays boomed] [soda obey amber]
[oars dome abbey] [baa dose embryo] [ems obey aboard]
[ado morse abbey] [ode ears Bombay] [dee rays bamboo]
[ear dyes bamboo] [era bays boomed] [Mars obey adobe]
[roam obey beads] [soda obey bream] [sera doom abbey]
[bay mores adobe] [bay sera boomed] [ear moody babes]
[ear soya bombed] [era dyes bamboo] [rosy beam adobe]
[bay bead morose] [bee moody Arabs] [aye bared booms]
[era moody babes] [era soya bombed] [Mars obey abode]
[dose babe moray] [bay mores abode] [bay bade morose]
[rob soya beamed] [boo rays beamed] [dee soar Bombay]
[rosy beam abode] [dab mayor obese] [ads eyre bamboo]
[bye oboe dramas] [doe sera Bombay] [doe baa embryos]
[baa sore embody] [ode mayor babes] [dee oars Bombay]
[maya bees brood] [bye oboe madras] [baa moody beers]
[ado mores abbey] [ere soda Bombay] [rams obey adobe]
[boo maya breeds] [dye sera bamboo] [soy boar beamed]
[doe babe mayors] [soy adobe amber] [doe moray babes]
[ore maya sobbed] [rams obey abode] [soy adobe bream]
[sera babe moody] [soy abode amber] [roe maya sobbed]
[soy abode bream] [ode sera Bombay] [ode baa embryos]
[orb soya beamed] [baa seedy broom] [ebb soya roamed]
[dab moray obese] [soy babe roamed] [ode babe mayors]
[ode moray babes]


For the immature, foolish, impressionable younger audience, the protection is here for you to heed or ignore. If you do not click to go past the “more” gate then you will not be disturbed or enlightened, as the case may be or not, to see
something of beauty or ugliness hiding there for all to go and see. But not out in the open. That is the “minor” difference: if it is not something everyone should see, then some effort, no matter how small or ineffectual, might be appreciated for the intention it represents. We do not have to “show off” our errors unless we want them to be lessons. They (the errors) are not something to emulate.

Innocent eyes are around but the wiser eyes may look and see it all with impugnity impunity. (whatever that means, if spelled wrong or not, essentially…

Obviously, silence is not “my thing” so much, even if I tend toward quietude. That is all. Go see a bunch of lovely swimmers now…

Stay where you are, unless you must somehow, inch, by millimeter, by angström, get closer…

Beauty Always Looks So Yummy (BALSY)™
Beauty Always Looks So Yummy (BALSY)™

Beauty Always Looks So Yummy (BALSY)™Beauty Always Looks So Yummy (BALSY)™
Beauty Always Looks So Yummy (BALSY)™Beauty Always Looks So Yummy (BALSY)™
Beauty Always Looks So Yummy (BALSY)™Beauty Always Looks So Yummy (BALSY)™
Beauty Always Looks So Yummy (BALSY)™Beauty Always Looks So Yummy (BALSY)™
Beauty Always Looks So Yummy (BALSY)™Beauty Always Looks So Yummy (BALSY)™
Beauty Always Looks So Yummy (BALSY)™Beauty Always Looks So Yummy (BALSY)™
Beauty Always Looks So Yummy (BALSY)™Beauty Always Looks So Yummy (BALSY)™
Beauty Always Looks So Yummy (BALSY)™Beauty Always Looks So Yummy (BALSY)™
Beauty Always Looks So Yummy (BALSY)™Beauty Always Looks So Yummy (BALSY)™



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One Response to Booby Sea Dream (BSD)™

  1. Galen says:

    Something suggests “I’m the bleeding volcano” but I cannot quite put anything like my finger on that!!! (can I?)

    Maybe I should say, “may I?” to be not uncouth, refined…

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