Does Ann Really Know? (DARK)™


Nothing could be sadder than oversimplistic thinking from Otherwise Brilliant Brains (OBB)™ but it happens when folks get tired out from all the bickering, or some other factor could be helping us get messed up and fall down together or separately. Something happens.

Seems that with enough iron to clad our alibis, the rich white guys can actually prove they did not rape anyone. That would probably have been easy enough to do anyway since “strippers” have already implied that they will do “things” for money and then the question becomes one of ethics to begin with, or rather to end it with would be more like it!

So of course it is rather inevitable to find that they (the totally innocent Duke LaCrosse team player “members” being falsely accused by the black girl who will “walk away” without no scots) were not guilty as charged after all like some folks already knew, since they had not been accurately charged in the first place. It might be said that the idea of “rape” itself is rather “loosely” defined and that goes along with the idea of keeping things simple (even when they ought to be examined in detail anyhow) so that we can “handle” them well enough.

Like being babies, we insist that if it is not kept simple, then it must not be “truth” since the truth should be simple. (In a pig’s eye, the saying goes…)

We could have given it a rest at the “get-go” if everyone would have realized that frat parties are all about misbehaving, and let it go at that. Girls should not be willing to dance around half-naked for money, but “times are hard” and the men like to get hard, too!!! That’s about the “size” of it, folks, and it always will be. Everyone should have walked away from that mess instead of trying to profit from it, but instead, I just sat here, drawing in the dirt!!!

Or, other guys wrote books and got rich and then gave most of the money away to “charity” and called that proof of their exalted wisdom. Hogwash, all of us, yes indeed!!!

Wondering why nobody thought about how the drunk dancer might have thought that sex with one guy, or even with two or three, would be okay, but not with something like broomsticks or bedknobs. Those things (the objects themselves, the once so-called “Images Of Men” and such) should not be used on her, and of course are not subject to “DNA evidence” of rape as a crime (not being necessarily a sexual crime, but done against the woman’s sexuality, e.g., her female body which has an extra opening down there for penetration by the penetrator). QED it was not rape if penises were not being used, was it?

No, duh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just a reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeally baaaaaaad F♥CK!!!

Too bad this was not just a case of bad legal advice from someone trying to earn legal fees, legally, isn’t it? Such a heart-break hotel we have built here in the overseas paris-hilton-land!


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2 Responses to Does Ann Really Know? (DARK)™

  1. staticinmyhead says:

    The whole thing that has went on with this Duke thing has made me sick to my stomach. I am pretty much forced to turn the channel when I see things come on CNN & such about this. It just makes me want to cry. Because I don’t give a flyin fig WHO you are, or WHAT your ethnicity is or anything like that, NO ONE, I say NO ONE “deserves” to be touched/raped/or anything else like that!!! NO ONE EVER WAKES UP IN THE MORNING SAYING GEE I’D LIKE TO BE VIOLATED TODAY!!! Yeah….that’s pretty much my soap box stance on that.

    Sorry for ranting.


  2. Galen says:

    For what it’s worth, I think (believe) I see it that way too, and it would be ridiculous to think that we could find out the “truth about what happened” after some ripping party goes wrong. I saw that sort of thing “happen” often enough to know that the truth got lost in the suds, with all the buds, and it was supposed to be “fun” and traditional. Yeah. Traditional. What the HELL??? Greeks are greeks, and always will be that way, unless they stop being that way. Jimmy, Eat World.

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