Happiness Guns (HG)™


Hg (or HG, but not as in HG Wells) is the Symbol (S)™ (chemically speaking, esp. when addicted to symbols) for the element sometimes called Mercury but just as swiftly mentioned in the fading past as Quicksilver.
So far that’s Two Hg’s (TH)™, A Single S (ASS)™, One M (OM)™, Plus Q (PQ)™ — for any accountability spirit totalizers who may (or may not) be track-keeping out there (or in here, even). HG-HG-S-M-Q… (repeat later, maybe)

Whatever good that is. Mercury is used inside of the old school thermometer. That would be used to find out how hot the old school is, I imagine, if it were named properly for that use yet still known as old school. I liked it, recently, a while ago actually, when someone young said she was “old school” since she would have to have started pre-birth to actually be that. Actually she like to say (as in typed it on a computer and put it where I and anyone else could read it on another screen) she was Rockin’ It Old School, which I noticed was also somewhat like secretly saying RIOS if I wanted to notice it. And of course we all can do what we want to do in our minds. Just not out in the real world can we do that same thing: whatever we think of doing.

When we are young we are encouraged to imagine “becoming” something so that we will set an ambitious (yet presumably attainable as well as worthy) goal. Do anything you want as long as you put your mind to it. Go climb that mountain.

Not every plan works out as it was intended. Actually, if examined carefully, it should be possible to find a flaw in the result of any execution, and then (perhaps) declare the whole thing a waste of time, whatever it was that was done.

Oh, is that not clever of us? We can un-excuse everything just as well as we can excuse it.

Well, un-excuse me, then! My silver is quickening again, if I have any. Maybe I should check before I make that statement which is already printed, so I have made it, possibly in error. Hang on…

Nope. I do not. I do not have any silver left. It was not returned, as promised.

Of course, it was someone who would chide me for not trusting others. Well, that is my mistake, when I make it. Trusting others is not always such a great idea. It can amount to a failed plan: trust everyone completely from the get-go, and even when they do not listen to what you tell them, figure that they are wiser and do not need to heed anything you say, and trust them even more as they deliberately ignore you or possibly willfully hurt you in the very way you just told them to stop doing, giving them that second chance as though it were the first time you ever gave them a second chance, and then, in your happines runs, you can find out later if you were stupid.

Happiness runs like a bloody gashed head wound?

This is probably what I get for lying (just up there, a few words or dozens earlier) about having any silver here. God, I bet I just took a spiritual bullet in the brain, didn’t I? ¿I must be ectoplasmic-retro-rectal-bleeding now (imberbbn), in my Brain-Tummy-Ulcer (BTU)™ and that could pile up to lots of heat and coals on the inside of my head (job). Wow, I never knew how screwed up I could get!!! Am I really “there” yet, or is there “the best” yet to come? (oh, I hope so!!)


About Galen

Nearly over some hills, still a fool on whatever this thing is where I stand
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