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Alice In Unixland (AIU)™

-online-smarts-os- (another minute-atta-timepiece-here-math done sloooooooooowly…) While I cannot prove that the past is actually “there” or “true” I can remember reading in rec.humor (even all the way back to net.humor and net.abortion) so this was from AT LEAST 1989 or … Continue reading

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Face Of One Loser (FOOL)™

-rushed-in-out-the-exit-door-rioted- This is purely imagery. Not imaginary, just imagery. These two represent me, yet they are not me. One is blurry, one is fuzzy. One is my face, one is my monogram (note that it may or not be my … Continue reading

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Loving All My Exes (LAME)™

-walkless- Not that it makes sense to wish her well except that by my own standard it must be so, thus my praying of the possibly insane hope for someone else to come to wellness, my ex-mother-in-law (emil? that is … Continue reading

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Try this then

We are learning by doing, mostly with errors, and correctionsHigh Angels Heard.mp3 The player on the previous page was not working, so this gives any frustration a chance to relieve itself, it can just wonder, aimlessly… Hearing Angels?? (HA!)™ †

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Yum (Y)™

Yum (Y)™ -n-Innocent Pussycats Or Dolls or Bigboys’ Outboard Toyful Accesories?I am glad they (being the WordPress proprietors) have added THIS: Snap Preview Anywhere (SPA)™ thing on my blog.Does that mean I am significant? Well, relatively…;-) Are they tuning up … Continue reading

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